ABDC: Season 6 Episode 7

The Final Four crews are given the task of performing to Nicki Minaj’s music. (I’m not sure I consider her a superstar but ok. Let’s get some N*SYNC in the house! Or Backstreet Boys. I would even take NKOTBSB.) She at least deigned to show her presence to the crews instead of those lame video messages. Before we get to that though we have a pretty awesome group number. Perfect for our krumpers and it felt like this was the first time where viewers could Really get what krump is all about. Is anyone else wishing the judges would get onstage for a performance of some sort?

Over three million votes came in (which could seem like a lot until you consider Idol’s 95 million+ votes) and put I.aM.mE in the number one spot. They have to recreate a childhood game within their routine to the song “Moments Alive”. They struggle because they have a number of different nationalities on the squad and I feel the need to point out that this is AMERICA’S Best Dance Crew so they should do something Americans will get. They opt for some hopscotch, the limbo, leapfrog, wack-a-mole, and a swing. Great choices. This might be the winning crew. They’re solid every week and always exciting.
Judges’ Comments:
JC: This is a group of professionals. Sometimes we could see you thinking about the next move.
D-Trix: I was trying to look for mistakes but didn’t see any.
Lil Mama:You had these moments in between the choreography.

The net crew safe is Iconic Boyz. America, I know they are cute, but really. They’re tasked with becoming living dolls and be marionettes while dancing to “Check It Out”. They really are a bunch of Justin Biebers. I think this is their best performance yet.
Judges’ Comments:
D-Trix: You used all the elements to create a good show.
Lil Mama: You’re expanding on the show.
JC: I see you evolving but you need to frame things a bit.

Phunk Phenomenon and Street Kingdom need to duke it out for their spot in the finale.

Phunk Phenomenon must do belly dancing with rolls and hip isolation, to the song “My Chick Bad”. They’re fun and entertaining but I like the SYTYCD dance from Nappy-Tabs better.
Judges’ Comments:
D-Trix: That is how you fight.
Lil Mama: You had such funny moments.
JC: There were fast and slow moments just like Nicki.

Street Kingdom battles last. They have to do military drills to “Get It On”. Strong opening. This is a tough competition. They’re IN IT TO WIN IT.
Judges’ Comments:
Lil Mama: You guys broke out but started slow.
JC: You wasted the beginning but it got nice.
D-Trix: So buck once you got there.

It is time for the judges to decide who will be going through? Phunk Phenomenon. I guess Street Kingdom was just in the bottom one time too many.


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