ANTM: Cycle 16 Finale

Molly and Brittani duke it out for the title of America’s Next Top Model. Brittani thinks she is the more high fashion model and was only ever in the bottom two for yelling at Alexandria during a shoot. Molly is nervous about the bubbliness required for the Cover Girl commercial.

Ivan Bart, VP of IMG Models, wants to get to know the girls. He thinks Molly is an amazing model in photographs (whereas in person she just looks like a pretty girl). Brittani has a great face and attitude.

The girls will be shooting Cover Girl with Pierapolo Ferrari. The item of the shoot: lipstick. This time around the girls will have a teleprompter so they won’t have to completely memorize their lines. But they will be shot form all angles at once, so that’s a challenge. Molly has an easy time making the commercial sound natural but Brittani has a bit of a tougher time. Also, Cover Girl seems to be a little less “girl next door” and a little more edge this week.

Molly sounds good on her shot but she doesn’t move well for the video or smile much. Brittani, meanwhile, has a hard time delivering the lines. She gets a little teary after a handful of shoots but finally manages to get comfortable.

Molly’s beauty shot was “perfect” according to the photographer. Brittani looked a little old school.

Now is the Italian Vogue shoot. Brittani was very professional. Molly comes off as sad and lacking in energy. (She also complains about always being last–Molly, there are only two of you!)

The girls return home to find Molly’s parents. Poor Brittani’s mother doesn’t come because of all her issues. At least she and her mom get to talk via video chat. Molly is put in a better mood.

Tyra Mail: “Tomorrow’s runway will be modelling mania.”

This week is a salon style fashion show–they walk through different rooms. The girls will be modeling with Kasia, Alexandria, and Hannah. Plus Ann, the winner of Cycle 15, who tells them it is all about having fun. The girls are split in who they are voting for.

Tyra surprises Molly (whose hairstyle looks like they are trying to hide a major bald spot) and the rents and gets Molly crying about how awful she was to her adoptive parents back in the day. She drops in on Brittani too (who has crazy wild hair) but it is a less emotional discussion.

The runway begins:
Ann opens the show walking better than she ever did on her season. Not great but you know. She’s awkward.
Molly steps out confidently. In round two she feels even better.
Brittani is modeling from before she even starts her walk. Her second walk has a bit of a crazy face but otherwise she’s solid.
For the final lap they have to pose together and Brittani starts giggling a little–Tyra does not look happy–and then slips headfirst into a wall (but Molly helps her up). Brittani gets all weepy “my ankle hurts” when she and Molly are supposed to go out again.

Jay tells the girls backstage that they have to kick things up by giving them new looks for panel. Which is good because technically, Molly never got a new look. Their looks: both get very short hair. I think this look suits Brittani more than Molly. (It sort of sucks that they had to do this just for their last day.)

Runway: strutted with confidence, owned it, dropped out of character sometimes though. Rushed a bit. Not okay with the laugh. Pushed through after the spill. Divine pose.
Commercial: beautiful asymmetry in the face, easy to direct, wasn’t bothered
CG Picture: stunning, startled, left hand heavy
Runway: Great walk, a little shake that looks a bit cheap. Perhaps thought about the walk too much. Tyra liked it a lot but need to work on smooth transitions.
Commercial: came off as mean girl, not Cover Girl. absorbed the script.
CG Picture: stunning, soft, gentle, committed, wonderful, to be framed and put in the salon

Do we not get to see their Vogue shoot? That seems like a major oversight.

Time to find out the winner. At those words, Molly starts crying. And…America’s Next Top Model is…Brittani.


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