The Voice Episode 4

Round 2 Fight!

Team Cee Lo is up first.
Cee Lo pairs Tje Austin (sensitivity) and Nakia (aggressiveness) for a duet of “Wheels Closer” which Nakia thinks is Taylor made for Tje. Tje is intimidated by Nakia though so they are even. Monica joins Cee Lo for a practice session. Cee Lo makes sure to rework the version so it suits both singers. Nakia was more forward in the practices but Ty kept quite. The stealth attack did not work for TaraLynn. Just something to consider.
Team Cee Lo Round 2:
This song really suits Tje’s more when it comes to traditional singing though Nakia’s does sound so different that it’s sort of interesting. For me this is overall one of the weaker battles.

  • Adam is transfixed by so much hair! fantastic. He prefers Nakia.
  • Blake likes that they came in and says he wanted Nakia originally and still does.
  • Christina says she was blown away by Nakia. She loves Tje’s voice and think his whole package is nice.
  • Monica thought Tje’s voice is pleasant and melodic.
  • Cee Lo loves them both.

Ultimately he goes with “Kia.”

Team Blake is second.
Blake pairs Ellenowen against Jared Blake to sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” This hardly seems fair, pairing a duet pair with a single person but maybe there will be a downside in hearing less of each. Jared fears that he is not beautiful like Ellenowen. Reba advises him to stay involved even when the couple sings. Reba tells the couple to rehearse in front of a mirror so they know how to look confident. When the threesome rehearse on stage Blake points out that they are not blending because they are trying to outshine one another.
Team Blake Round 2:
Jared kicks the song off and he actually comes off better than expected. He also puts on the best performance. Female Ellenowen turns away from the camera/audience too often. And I know you’re singing with you’re husband but you don’t have to stare at him the whole time (also I think she cracked).

  • Christina thinks Ellenowen is amazing but Jared was selling it.
  • Cee Lo loves Ellenowen and thinks Jared did a great job.
  • Adam thought they were both great despite this not being Jared’s genre.
  • Reba thinks Ellenowen did a wonderful job but seemed less comfortable on stage and thought Nicole was a little low.

After taking a bit of time to think about it and Reba advises him to go with his gut. He selects Jared. Good one!

Going third is Team Adam.
Adam pairs Javier Cologne with Angela Wolffe for a rendition of “Stand By Me”. Angela is concerned because she thinks Javier is the best singer in the competition. The song is simple though, which should help Angela out. Mid-practice, Adam tells Javier to sing less. Best advice of the day! (That is what most bothered me with Javier’s audition.)
Team Adam Round 2:
The first couple notes I thought were Angela but turned out to be Javier. Good or bad sign? I think she’s overcompensating for her fears that Javier has good runs. This is a good song for both of them though I think Javier was more consistently good where Angela had good moments (particularly when she went louder). Angela struggles a bit on the higher notes and Javier gets a little run happy near the end but overall some of their better performances.

  • Blake was transfixed with Javier.
  • Christina thinks Angela is sweet but Javier had everything.
  • Cee Lo thinks Javier is stiff competition.
  • Adam liked their energy.

Adam pretends to struggle to make a decision despite it being fairly obvious: Javier.

Last comes Team Christina (also known as Team Hello Chest).
Aguilera pairs Beverly McClellan and Justin Granite with a duet of “Baba O’Reilly” (aka “Teenage Wasteland”). Justin is clean and a high tenor while Bev is raw, gritty, and a powerhouse. She thinks they will match up. Are we about to lose the only guy on Christina’s team? Christina does an excellent rendition of the song and Bev and Justin agree that they have the best teacher ever. They have such different takes on the song it is interesting. Bev moves around too much on the stage. Justin doesn’t let his high moments shine by jumping to the high note too early.
Team Christina Round 2:
Punk Rock vs Soulful R&B seems like a strange pairing. To me Justin struggled a bit on the high notes. Bev is kind of like James Durbin, lots of fun but I don’t know if she could win the whole thing. Their early harmonizing works well but the later par

  • t gets a little iffy.
    • Cee Lo thinks Bev stole, owned, and sold the show.
    • Adam thought Bev would murderize Justin but she didn’t. He killed it.
    • Blake says Justin came out of nowhere.
    • Christina knew they would bring the house down. She’s the most proud of justin’s growth and she’s lucky to have Bev on her team.

    But only one can move on and Christina has to say…Bev.

    After losing another four singers, how is the show doing? Are you still interested? I hear the show will be expanded to two hours. Good idea or bad? I’m a bit torn personally.

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