ANTM: Season 16 Episode 12

We are down to the final three and the girls are breathing a sigh of relief because Alexandria went home. Brittani, Hannah, and Molly remain. Hannah was in the bottom two for the first time and she’s all teary-eyed about it. She thinks she’s more dynamic and more commercial than her competitors. Brittani is thinking about ways to get Molly to mess up because she’s proven a real threat. Molly thinks she’s the most worthy of winning because she’s gone through adoption. (She seems to think that growing up in a trailer park is no biggie and that Hannah is too nice for the world of fashion.) But Hannah thinks Molly is to angry for people to want to work with her.

Tyra Mail: Tomorrow you’ll know beauty inside out and all about.
The girls guess this will be the Covergirl commercial. (Anyone else think it is time for a new sponsor? I am so sick of covergirl.) They get some video from The Insider to tell them about a fashion/beauty trend in Morocco that they have to report on. They have to fill 90 seconds of airtime and the winner will get the video on their site. The three options are Henna, Black Kohl, and Argan Oil.

Molly chooses Black Kohl, which she hopes is eyeliner. It turns out that it is a type of stone. Molly gets into a mood and starts cursing a bit. Molly comes off much more focused. She uses her experts and does a good job until the very end where she thinks it was over.

Brittani struggles to find an English speaking person that she can interview about Henna. Brittani fears that she will be sent home because she isn’t the whole package. Brittani ends up doing a lot of talking and doesn’t even address the expert who is standing with her.

Hannah has Argan Oil and she’s studied journalism so she thinks she has an edge. Her specialist is a bit long-winded but she’s still feeling confident. Hannah’s video ends up being a little too talkative and runs out of time. She didn’t utilize the people to be interviewed.

The winner is…Molly. (Even her celebration of her victory seems laid back like “can’t bother to get too excited about this”.)

Tyra shows up to talk to the girls. She asks Molly what she opened up about on “emotion day” and Molly talks about her adoption once again. Hannah talks about how she never thought she was good enough. Brittani’s issues are about her mother’s problems. Tyra tells them that a perfect life is boring and makes for a vapid person. It seems to be most helpful for Molly who looked happier than we’ve ever seen her.

And then Tyra does a crazy rushed photoshoot with crazy hair and makeup. All three of them seem to do pretty well here. The shoot is over so quickly so it is hard to talk about any specific moment. Tyra does explain “isolations” to the girls, in which you move only a single part of the body instead of the entire body to change up a picture slightly. They are then joined by a Moroccan band and end up dancing around. On a list of most random things ever for the season, this might be number one. But I guess fun to see Tyra dance around.

Hannah stop crying!

Tyra Mail: Are you really committed? You will be tomorrow.
Insane asylum? Wedding?

Time for the real shoot, which is on the beach. Nigel will be the photographer. They will be wearing Moroccan wedding gowns and modeling with a male model. (Insane asylum would have been more awesome.) Brittani is worried because the sexy thing makes her nervous. Hannah feels good because she can “emote.” Molly wants to use her male model as a prop. (Those three thoughts are very indicative of the individual girls.)

  • Molly– ignores her model too much, there was no connection between her and her model until the end.
  • Hannah– worked well with the model but at times she got a little too aggressive looking, she just needed to find the balance. Hannah came out the most confident of the group.
  • Brittani– she seems to have a little disdain for the model and therefore lacks a connection (Jay even talks about Hannah’s mindset during the shoot) Brittani started crying which ended up being pretty but Nigel says she can’t always cry to get the emotion

I like Tyra’s dress but not her boots for panel. This is a new look with her hair pulled back and looking more glamorous. She’s usually been more casual this season. Tyra tells the girls she loved their films so much she picked two shots each.

  • Brittani– Her first shot is pretty awesome though Nigel says he had a hard time with the emotion. the second one is stronger but she gets some critique about not going all the way. Nigel didn’t like the experience of enjoying her.
  • Hannah– Her first shot is Andre’s favorite of the season, you can hardly see the groom. Hannah says her emotions have become her strength but Nigel warns her not to lose herself. Her second picture feels like a continuation of her story but Andre doesn’t like her pointed foot. They worry that Hannah is too emotional but her energy radiates.
  • Molly– Her first shot is beautiful but they didn’t feel the connection as much. Her face is stunning though. Shot two is the better one for me. She is great for the photography but her energy is poor.

Despite how confident Hannah was coming out of her shoot, it seems like less of a sure thing now that we’ve seen everyone’s pictures.

The best photograph for this week is…Molly. That’s three weeks in a row people. That leaves Brittani and Hannah in the bottom two. The judges like Hannah’s ability to sell. Brittani’s photos have not been as strong as they were in the beginning. Joining Molly in the final is…Brittani. No surprises there, though for once I would like to see the nice girl make it.


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