ABDC: Season 6 Episode 6

Tonight is the Justin Bieber challenge (did everyone hear that he was egged in a recent performance?)

The first crew safe is…Iconic Boyz. There is no more appropriate group for this challenge than this group. Their challenge is to use some basketball moves in their routine, danced to “Baby.” This might actually be their strongest performance yet and for once I have no real complaints.
Judges Say
JC: The problem I had is that it was simple and easy.
Lil Mama: I got it. You guys were on. Step it up more.
D-Trix: I thought you guys brought the heat.

The second crew to be safe is...I.aM.Me. I am just surprised they weren’t first. Their challenge is to do the Usher Glide to “Somebody to Love.” As always, this crew is awesome despite having no fancy tricks or big flips. (I’m going to assume they didn’t notice the swastika they formed early on.)
Judges Say
Lil Mama: I’m impressed with this crew. When you get a challenge you really take it on.
D-Trix: I love it. Brilliant entertainers.
JC: You spent a lot of time in the middle but your opening was so tough and clean.

The last crew safe is…Phunk Phenomenon. They have to create an intricate beat using step (which works because their only girl captained a step team). They dance to the song “Eenie Meenie.” It didn’t really feel like they accomplished the step part of the challenge but the actual dance was pretty impressive.
Judges Say
D-Trix: You did a great job with the stepping. Be careful not to repeat too many backflips.
JC: There was a great balance of stepping and cuteness in the showmanship. You handles the tempo change well.
Lil Mama: I love all your different styles of dance.

Street Kingdom and Instant Noodle must fight for a spot in next week’s competition.

Instant Noodles is up first. They challenged to use a chair (specifically, to lift it up and flip it around) while dancing to “What Do I Love.” this hardly seems fair. Everything always seems cooler when you add a chair to the mix.

Street Kingdom should have an interesting time meshing their krump with Bieber. They are challenged to incorporate martial arts and high hitting kicks to “Never Say Never” which seems less difficult to incorporate into their style than any of the other challenges. Plus, a battle two weeks in a row as their challenge? Really? Was that mess in the back accidental or on purpose? Sometimes it felt sloppy and it seemed like they barely used the high kick part of the challenge.

Judges Say
D-Trix: Every week I become more of a fan of Instant Noodles.
Lil Mama: Only one word to describe that performance–growth. (Not exactly a ringing endorsement for winning.)
JC: Thinks Instant Noodles gave good theater and had the most difficult challenge by having a prop. Street Kingdom showcased all the little moments.

The judges have deliberated and only one crew will be continuing on to become America’s Best Dance Crew. The crew back next week is…Instant Noodles Street Kingdom. (So much for what I want/thought.)


2 Responses to “ABDC: Season 6 Episode 6”

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  2. Julia Mathias Says:

    I posted a review of the episode and some videos on my blog, I think you should read it: http://psychopixie.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/abdc-606-justin-bieber-challenge/

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