Hellcats: You are too damn pretty to waste.

For once we don’t open to the Hellcats dancing. Instead we have an awkward workout-dancing-flirting session between Louis and Nasty Kathy. Nothing good can come of this. (You don’t think she’s just seeing Louis to spy on the Hellcats do you?) During a basic twirl NK hurts her knee and he helps her put on a brace. Naturally, the moment they start kissing Alice interrupts with rudeness. She’s found out that NK and Louis are partnered for a dance-a-thon to win a car but Alice says he is partnered with the wrong person. He wants the car badly enough to risk injury. NK doesn’t even want the car, she’s just helping him. Alice offers to replace NK because she is a winner who doesn’t give up. He turns her down.

Savannah is upset by the seemingly unbiased coverage of her father’s crime. He dad’s using a public defender since they have no money–the FBI froze their assets. Savannah and Dan are getting ready to see Dan’s family but he suggests a private date night instead. Dan’s dad’s pension plan was gutted and apparently blames Savannah’s dad. Naturally this leads to a fight, as though it could have led to anything else. Savannah asks Marty to ask Julian to defend her dad for free while they go on a date. Her dad’s lawyer at the moment is apparently an idiot. No “Marty you shouldn’t date your professor?”

Alice is given a drink compliments of Marty’s law friend, which Alice finds laughable. Louis’s father can’t make nationals and his dad’s credit card gets rejected so Louis pays. He needs a car in order to work, which explains why he wants the job so badly. Alice overhears ad puts it together so she hatches a scheme. She talks to the law kid who, it turns out, has a scarily long dance resume (kapuera, ballet, and cats).

Marty’s mom helps Marty prep for her date with Julian. Seriously mom! Her mother says not to get too attached. Her mother says Julian’s priorities are different than hers but it doesn’t matter because he cancels via text message.

At the dance competition, there are a lot of people around. The rules: five minute breaks every hour, otherwise you must remain moving. They have Ciara guesting for this dance-a-thon. She going to be there the whole night? Because that would be impressive. Louis and NK are doing some fanciness which makes me wonder if this is wise in the early hours of the contestant. Shouldn’t you conserve your energy? Meanwhile, Ciara is not a bad dancer. Alice and Lawyer boy bump into NK and Louis who stop for a moment in surprise and disgust but are luckily not disqualified.

Marty goes to visit the Prof and finally he answers the door. He says he’s kind of busy and can’t explain why he canceled but it turns out that he’s with his daughter who thinks Marty has pretty hair. That puts that relationship in perspective. Marty is surprised by this. Julian’s divorce is pending. Julian’s therapist suggests a six month waiting period before introducing his daughter to any potential girlfriend. Makes sense. But he wants to make it up to her by cooking dinner. She also has another favor to ask. He agrees to help Savannah.

The Prof explains the situation to Savannah and family. Bail has been set at $50,000 and they have no way of paying. Their other options? He works to get them an allowance from the court and a reduced bail. What about getting help from the church? Their mother thinks this isn’t what the fund is for and looks for another move. Assuming she wants her husband to come home. She cannot say otherwise in front of everyone.

At the dance-a-thon there is a rehearsed dance routine section during which Alice continuously tries shoving NK (funny how the animosity was really between Savannah and NK but somehow Alice has horned in on the meanness). NK seems to be having some knee issues and Alice takes the chance to goad her. NK says she won’t bail on him and Alice points out that she may have to miss nationals. Alice offers to take her place and Louis considers. NK says if he does, he’s lost her. He gets defensive and naturally opts to dance with Alice. Alice lies about Morgan leaving and then fires him once Louis agrees to dance with her.

Savannah finds her mother and asks if the church will give her the money. She hasn’t asked yet. Her mother says she doesn’t take it on faith that her husband is innocent. She loves him but he has never been satisfied with his lot in life. Savannah says they can’t give up on him. He’s be there for them. Wouldn’t he? She convinces her mother to make the call. She says she raised her right.

What Alice does not say to anyone is that she is having foot problems of her own, which she hides by saying she is wearing bad shoes. Ah, I understand now that the dance-a-thon winner is chosen not just by length but by score. The judges select who is the most impressive, explaining the over the top moves that everyone is doing. I will say there is no way they would have this much energy over the length of time that this is supposed to take. Alice’s foot problems seem to get progressively worse.

Julian and Marty are on their date (has enough time elapsed for this to be taking place yet?) and he puts on music so they can dance. They realize they forgot about the food in the oven and there’s a fire. Marty hears him telling someone he is alone and he says he just thought it would be simpler. They are interrupted by a call from…Savannah’s family. The father is coming out of jail. They have a nice little reunion.

Alice and Louis are still going strong as the last two. Too bad I don’t know their last names or I might know where they rank. For the last few minutes they turn things up and I notice that the show opted for a gay couple as the other pair. It’s interesting only in how unremarked upon it was. It just is. No one makes a comment about it. Alice insists on doing some cheerleading stunts which turns out to be a good idea, because they win in the last few minutes. Louis spots Alice’s feet and she says she’s fine. He carries her away to take care of her feet (and I half expect NK to be there to see it).

Marty questions who he was talking to in the morning. It was his ex. Though he lied to Marty and said it was his insurance agency. He said he was embarrassed. She’s like an advertisement for a mid-life crisis. Is that how he sees her? He lists a bunch of things he likes about her, which naturally wins her over again. They sleep together. Bleh.

Savannah and Dan make up. She needs his support. She gets a call from her dad, saying he is leaving and he couldn’t leave without saying goodbye. He says he can’t go back to jail and he wants to make things right but for now she has to help her family. Poor Savannah can’t catch a break. He drives off, throwing away his cell so that he can’t be tracked.

Louis presents the car with Alice on crutches. They kiss. So goodbye NK? I kinda liked her.


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