ABDC: Season 6 Episode 5

This week’s Superstar is “the hottest R&B singer in the game” Rihanna. To help, they bring in Tanisha Scott, Rihanna’s choreographer, to show them their specific challenge. Six crews are left.

The first crew safe tonight is Instant Noodles. Their challenge is the “Head Top” which they have to make groovy. For the first time, Rihanna doesn’t tell them their challenge, which is to the song “Hard.” The performance is prettty fun. Not particularly impressive but not bad. (Is anyone else sick of their noodle-eating hand thing?)
Judges Say
Lil Mama: you could have brought more style but you stepped out of the box. You should study Reggae more.
D-Trix: I think that was your best performance yet.
JC: It was clever to switch from dance hall to b-boy to dance hall style but you got sloppy at points.

The next crew safe is…Iconic Boyz, which means 787 Crew is in the bottom. (People, I know they are cute, but really?) They have to do “Give It A Run” to the song “Only Girl In The World.” I like how high energy they are from the start. I think this was their best performance yet, though it still leaves a little to be desired.
Judges Say
D-Trix: you brought adorable, stunts, comedy, and really good choreography.
JC: I love that you are pushing yourself. It did get sloppy at times but it was a very strong showing.
Lil Mama: You guys were amazing. Your transitions are phenomenal.

The next safe crew is I.aM.Me. Their challenge is “The Spiderman” which doesn’t look anything like what I imagine it would be based on the name. They are given the song “S&M” and I have decided this group is my favorite. They have really strong images and jokes and really different looking stunts. (Without using flips and spins as their main recourse.)
Judges Say
JC: I like everything about this group. Once it got going, this was mindblowing.
Lil Mama: Perfect combo of doing what you do and opening up to your challenges.
D-Trix: This routine couldn’t have been any better. Blew me away.

Also safe is Street Kingdom, which means Phunk Phenomenon is in the bottom with 787 Crew. They are challenged with the “Dutty Wine” to RIhanna’s “Rude Boy.” i like this performance of theirs much better than last week’s.
Judges Say
Lil Mama: Y’all represent the streets and people without a chance. (Through tears.) Step it up as far as your performance goes.
D-Trix: It was sexy. I love your duets and make more group visuals.
JC: It was fun but the dancing was a bit elementary.

Time for the battle of the bottom two.

Phunk Phenomenon gets “Don’t Stop the Music” and must do “The Chaplin”. This routines starts with a bang. It sort of felt up and down for me. Some great moments and some just ok ones.

787 Crew is given “What’s My Name” and have to incorporate “the Gallis Step” all the way down to their heads. I found this performance a little less exciting overall, though it had a pretty great final moment with the entire crew backflipping off the stage.

Judges Say
JC: Phunk Phenomenon is really good. This group has a lot of heart.
Lil Mama: 787 really embraced hip hop and locking.
D-Trix: Phunk Phenomenon is brilliant every week, there is not one weakness in the crew. 787 knows how to blend the stunts and the dances.

The judges have made their decision and the crew that will be remaining is…Phunk Phenomenon.


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