The Voice Episode 3

Time for the battle rounds! Time to see if this complicated format will pay off.

This week the judges will train their artists with the help train their singers and then pit them against each other (paired off to sing the same song) for a spot in the live shows. The coaches will have to cut their groups in half.

Christina Aguilera is helped by Australian singer/songwriter Sia.
TarraLynne Ramsey is paired with Frenchie Davis for “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”. They aren’t surprised by the pairing. They are both powerhouse vocalists so Christina wanted to challenge them by giving them an uptempo. Perhaps the funnest part of this is actually hearing Christina sing the song because she’s got such a solid voice. Frenchie thinks TarraLynne has an advantage because she sounds similar to Christina. Sia advises Frenchie to sing under the note because she tends to sing a bit sharp. TarraLynne says she has some secrets up her sleeve. As they practice in the ring, Christina can feel the tension (most from TL) and tells them not to suck the fun out of it.
Team Christina Round One:
I don’t like TL when she goes high, it gets sort of shrieky but for sheer stage presence she is easily outshining Frenchie. Without question I prefer Frenchie’s tone of voice better.

  • Cee Lo says he enjoyed it so much. Frenchie has the big love going on. Awesome.
  • Adam says the best thing is that he forgot it was a competition because he was having fun.
  • Blake felt like he was watching Rocky.
  • Christina thought everyone had fun and they worked it. She doesn’t know who to pick and consults with Sia who says “I. Am. Clueless.”

Ultimately, Christina thinks Frenchie took it. Good choice!

Blake Shelton is helped by country singer/actress Reba McEntire.
Patrick Thomas and Tyler Robinson are paired for Elvis’s “Burning Love” because they are both full of energy. Elvis covered pop and country, which suits both singers. Patrick is starstruck at the sight of Reba. Tyler is unfamiliar with the song. Blake tells Tyler he doesn’t have to do too many runs and should reel himself in while Patrick needs to learn to show off a bit more. Reba tells Patrick to get into the emotion and story of the song.
Team Blake Round One:
Patrick falls easily into Elvis. I’d like to see him up against Scotty McCreery. Tyler meanwhile, I did not love at first, but he does a great job with this performance. I’m not sure, but I may actually like Tyler better minus a few high pitch moments. I think he just has a bit more variety in his voice.

  • Christina thinks they both stepped up and took charge.
  • Cee Lo says they are surgically, technically good singers but he thinks Tyler is better.
  • Adam is pleasantly surprised by Tyler and chooses him.
  • Reba says they rocked it.
  • Blake is impressed with Tyler’s ability to pull back on his vocals. Patrick is always great.

But he has to choose someone and he decides to go with…Patrick. (Because he is a country guy after all.)

Adam Levine is helped by Adam Blackstone, the musical director of Maroon 5.
Casey Weston and Tim Mahoney are paired for a tough song, “Leather and Lace” by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley. Adam says Casey doesn’t know how good she is yet and Tim sounds great when he doesn’t try to do too much.
Team Adam Round One:
In some parts Casey sounds a bit shaky. I’m surprised to say that I think I like Tim better though both of them have a bit of a weird shaky thing going on. Is that the song them?

  • Blake finds things about Casey’s voice addictive.
  • Christina thinks it is a tough choice with well-blending voice.
  • Cee Lo thinks Casey reminds him of a young Stevie Nicks but Tim is so strangely unique.
  • Adam was nervous for Tim but he surprised him. And Casey did it. He’s so happy.

After some debating and a commercial break, Adam selects Casey.

Cee Lo Green is helped out by multi-platinum recording artist Monica (think she’s hoping to revamp her career a bit?).
Vicci Martinez and Nici Dawson are pitted against each other for a version of Pink’s “Perfect.” They are both soulful, powerful singers. Cee Lo thinks this may be his hardest pairing to choose from.
Team Cee Lo Round One: I can never remember which one is which of these two, but I like the one who sang “Rolling in the Deep” for her original audition (Vicci). There’s something a little more unique about her. Monica is enjoying so much she’s standing up and dancing to the performance (maybe she’s just not comfortable since the coach’s assistant coaches do not get the enormous red chairs to sit). Blake and Adam actually stand for applause.

  • Adam thinks it was by far the best duet of the night.
  • Blake thinks Cee Lo will regret pairing the two girls.
  • Christina felt Niki’s passion but Vicci had a lot of soul in her voice.
  • Cee Lo says Niki is like a sister and Vicci has like a war dance.
  • He’s got to pick Vicci. Yay! But he tells Niki to call him to see about her.


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