ANTM Cycle 16 Episode 11

Molly is feeling confident, Brittani thinks she is gone, Alexandria is nervous about being in the bottom, Hannah thinks she can win it all.

Miss Jay shows up with the models’ books because they are having tea with someone important: Franca, the editor in chief of Vogue Italia. Hannah worries that she doesn’t stand out enough. Molly barely spoke (she looks tired). They leave with some words of encouragement: “even if you don’t win don’t give up.”

Now is the challenge. Miss Jay introduces them to Nor, who balances a tea tray on her head while she dances. It requires balance and dexterity. Alexandria apparently has a big flat head so this challenge is particularly great for her. Hannah and Brittney seem to have the most trouble with this. They learn a dance that they will be performing. By the way, the performance will include lit candles on their trays. Alexandria’s feeling cocky. Molly trips on her way down the stairs and naturally becomes pissed off. Alexandria dropped her things but people didn’t seem to mind- Jay says it happened when she got overconfident. Brittani wins and chooses Hannah to meet with Jay for her reward for a private runway lesson. Meanwhile the other girls go eat brains.

Tyra mail: “The sweet smell of success.”

Brittani is all whiny because the brains made her nauseous. Well, they were brains! The shoot will be in the market.

  • Hannah– Jay thinks she gets lost, the photographer thought she was posey
  • Molly– gets warned not to do another profile shot, she has a much easier time of the shoot
  • Alexandria– tries to let go this time around, not relaxed in the lips
  • Brittani– had to work in the rain but it didn’t seem to hurt her, natural elegance

Hannah thinks she is going home. People want Alexandria to go home still.

Panel time:
Alexandria– looks like she’s lost her mind in an interesting way. Nigel thinks she looks beautiful, looks like a flight attendant
Brittani– like her but she looks like she lost her arm but closer to high fashion than Alexandria
Hannah– most editorial but facial expression may or may not work
Molly– high fashion, sells things well, most editorial

Best picture this week is Molly. Tyra thinks that was obvious. They want her to try a non-intense photo. Runner up is Brittani, leaving Hannah and Alexandria in the bottom two. and the girl staying is…Hannah.


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