The Voice Episode 2

Things I learned in the recap: either Carson Daly does not know how to pronounce Christina’s last name or I’ve been pronouncing it wrong since I was twelve. That’s all.

Every time I see a commercial for this show (where Christina has 3 shots for every other coach’s 1), I wonder if the other judges are jealous for having so little attention. Also, there’s something poetic about her being “the face” of a show called The Voice. I always feel the need to sing “Voice Within.”

First artist of the day is country singer Cherie Oakley who has worked as a background singer. She’s going to be singing a song done by coach Blake’s fiance. Good or bad idea? only her actual audition will tell. From the first line you know she’s pretty great. The judges all seem to groove but none of them move for the buzzers. (This isn’t the best song to show off her voice though, it’s a bit shaky.) Finally Christina hits the button and turns around. she’s the only one to turn so Christina gets yet another powerful girl singer. Blake had a hard time because she was singing his fiance’s song and he doesn’t think she beat her. Adam felt her voice was a bit aggressive and needed to be refined. But he thinks Christina can teach her that. Christina liked that she attacked the song.

Is it just me or does Christina’s hair get bigger and bigger as the series continues?

Devon Barley, 19, is a med student. Some ups and downs for me on this rendition of “I’m Yours”. He has a nice tone but maybe he’s nervous or something because his actual singing is off. Like he’s sort of missing the notes or something. I want him to show his range. Eventually Adam and Cee Lo both turn (though not in unison for once). Christina thinks Adam was best suited for him (so nice to see them not fighting for a moment). Adam is all about tone (he seems less enthusiastic tonight). Blake agrees about his tone but thought he missed the notes/pitch at the end. Cee Lo was completely impressed. He picks Adam, who fights slightly harder (he says “I think we’ll work well together”).

Joshua Scott Hand is supposed to be funny but I find him more annoying than anything. Very screamy whiny singing that is sort of tone deaf. This is the kind of audition that would probably be used as a bad audition example. He swallows his words and runs them together. Christina seems to pull out a pen to play with. No one chooses him. Blake has a hard time with a guy singing Gaga. Christina says it was a strong song choice. Adam thought it was shaky. Cee Lo lost his character.

Raquel Castra, the youngest contestant at 16 going on 12 is dying for Christina Aguilera. She grew up listening to her. Honey, you ain’t grown yet. (That’s right, I just transformed into an 85 year old grandmother.) She sings “Bleeding Love” which isn’t an easy song to show off your voice for and sure enough you can hear it. The judges discuss who should turn. Christina opts for her after a not so impressive high note (she tries to do runs that come out more like cat scratch). Christina be more choosey please. Adam is impressed that she came on the show at such a young age. Blake really wanted Christina to choose him. Christina says great things come in small packages. She loves her look (not the point of this show!) Also, can someone form wardrobe make sure Christina can walk in whatever outfit they give her because she looks so awkward when she gets up to hug the kids?

We get a blind audition for Emily Valentine of Hollywood. Something about her voice and appearance are shocking, perhaps because she is blond and singing something sad. Blake and Cee Lo turn around. She has some really good and some really bad runs. Christina was dying to see what she looked like (tattooed Stepford mom) and thought she was a bit pitchy. Cee Lo liked her courage and commitment to the song. She picks Cee Lo.

Cee Lo also gets Nicki Dawson because Adam hits his button. Blake gets Sara Oromchi.

Tim Mahoney has been trying for this industry for years. Adam turns pretty early in the song. Adam admits he expected a girl (he’s been told that about his own voice). Blake thinks they are a good pairing but would have matve turned if Adam hadn’t. (Isn’t word how the coaches at least claim to mentally pair people with other judges?)

Soccer player Julie Eason is very nervous and you can tell in the first few notes of “Mercy” though she gets better. This another hard song to show off your voice with. Cee Lo turns and it isn’t very surprising. Christina turns out just as she does a run, which Aguilera likes. Blake is glad she’s in the competition. Christina love love love loved her. She had soul. Cee Lo thought her voice was smooth and assertive. She chooses Christina who does some sort of weird dance thing as she gets up to hug her.

Angela Wolf really wants to impress Blake. She also chooses a Miranda Lambert song. Much better than the other Lambert rendition, but no one buzzes in. Blake waited for it to go somewhere but it didn’t. Adam has only a few spots left and has to pull back a little on his choices.

Tyler Robinson is a gay once-Mormon. His father is unsupportive and doesn’t know he is gay. I like him almost immediately. Blake hits his button just as he reaches the chorus. Cee Lo didn’t think he stood out but he nailed the last note. Blake liked him.

Nakia opts to sing “Forget You” which could be a great or awful decision. Cee Lo does turn (he sounds pretty good though doesn’t do the high pitched thing as well as Cee Lo) as does Blake near the end. Cee Lo thinks Nakia reminds him of himself. Christina takes a lot of balls to do Cee Lo’s song. Blake says he had the crowd going and he looks nothing like he expected. To him, that makes an artist. Blake thinks he should be picked over Cee Lo because Cee Lo dresses like a peacock. Not surprisingly, he picks Cee Lo.

Blake picks up Serabee. Casey Desmond is taken by Adam. Christina finally got a boy with Justin Grennan.

The team count is as follows:
Christina- 7
Adam says the people that are not getting picked are still good. There are only 3 competitors left but 7 spots remaining.

Dia Frampton sings only two words when Blake hits his button. Agreed Blake! She does these interesting things with her voice that I don’t even know how to explain as she makes the song her own. Her voice isn’t powerful but it is interesting. Cee Lo spins around in the last moments of the song too. Blake started to smile the moment he heard her sing. He likes her earthy thread. Cee Lo says she looks like the song she sang (“Bubbly”), warm and comfy. She chooses…Blake.

Curtis Grimes is the epitome of country with a big cowboy hat and major accent. He picks Blake’s “Hillbilly Bone” to sing which is a daring choice. It worked well for Nakia so we’ll see what happens. He sounds good but at the same time he’s not being impressive at the same time. He has to be more than just “good”. Cee Lo hits his buzzer and he is the only one. Blake didn’t think he was cocky enough in when singing which was wrong for the song. Cee Lo was impressed and wants to do something new.

Tori and Taylor Thompson are farmgirls, specifically pig farmers. This is the second pairing we’ve seen so far (and the last since this the final audition of the night). The coaches, not knowing they have two singers seem very confused by the slight change in voice. Adam actually jumps when they harmonize. They are pretty good but sort of just ok. Cee Lo turns around at the very last moment, recruiting the girls to his team. Adam and Christina thought it was adorable.

At this point, only Cee Lo has eight singers. Christina says she wants to blind test some of the contestants that they had turned down last time around. They choose eight singers to come back (unanimous decision from the judges) and go again. Cee Lo gets to watch the auditions while the other judges must turn their backs. They do not the order of the competitors.

Lily Elise was told by Christina that she regretted not picking her last time around. She needs to do the part of the song that shows off her voice. Christina agonizes over picking her and finally does at the last moment, securing her team of eight. Christina is exceedingly happy this time around, “I got you!”

Cee Lo regretted not taking Sonia Rao but will another coach pick her now that Cee Lo is out of the picture? The answer is no. Blake and Adam seem to regret it this time around but more that they think she should still be on the show, if not for them.

Father of six Jared Blake is next for a second chance. He choose “Not Ready to Make Nice” which makes me like he even more. Plus his voice sounds better here than last time. Sure enough Blake hits the buzzer when he hits the chorus. “I got my guy,” says Blake. Blake has now rounded out his eight team members as well.

High Schooler Casey Weston catches Adam’s ear this time around. Like Jared before her, she plays guitar (which we have only seen by a couple contestants). Which means he has one spot left and there are still four more artists to go.

Angela Wolfe opts for Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” this time instead of a Miranda Lambert song that failed to impress which gets Adam to turn around. Adam says he is very happy to have her.

Some final thoughts on this episode:

  • Considering the point of the blind auditions, the competitors are almost all surprisingly good looking. There is also a lot of emphasis on their looks once the judges turn around.
  • Carson Daly is just as ineffective and uninteresting this week as he was last week.
  • What are the rules about using instruments on this show?
  • Anyone else notice that the judges sit in their chairs like they are sitting on thrones? Arms on both armrests, leaning slightly to the side.

  • If they are going to have the duet option for the show, I wish there were a couple more overall, at least to audition. And what are the rules about group performances? Is two the max?
  • I am not entirely surprised that by the end of the auditions, the coaches didn’t originally pick all eight members of their team. I sort of feel bad for the three others who were asked to come back but didn’t get to try again. And who were they?

  • The disappointing thing about this week’s episode is how much less competitive the coaches are. No more shouting at each other and friendly bashing.

Next week is the battle round where the judges must pair off their own teams. Those pairs will sing the same songs and the judges will select one of the two to remain, leaving the judges with four competitors each for the next round. Will the people who were picked in second rounds be the first to go here? Who do you want to stay? Did you enjoy it this week as much as last week?

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  1. AR Says:

    Absolutely love The Voice! It’s going to be a great competition with some pretty big names. Those people should really consider themselves lucky to be working with such big names like Christina and Cee Lo.

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