Hellcats: Life doesn’t always give you proper shoes.

Well it looks like the Hellcats are actually rehearsing for Nationals for once but Savannah can’t seem to get anything right. Dan can tell she’s distracted too. Turns out her scholarship was revoked for getting the F in her course (for cheating). She’s smart but she barely spends time bothering with her classes because she wants to do cheerleading for a living. (This one aims high, huh?) Dan suggests finding a way to get her parents to agree to help her pay for school.

At Dan’s advice, she talks to her father first. She has a financial plan that involves holding down two jobs in addition to everything else she will be doing. Will she have time for cheerleading? Even he knows she can’t. He says she’s worked hard to make peace with her mother and has supported her sister, so he has written her a check so long as she keeps up her grades. It’s a lot more money than she expected him to have. Apparently “a few side projects have finally paid off.” (That sounds suspicious.)

Marty’s mom points out that her old professor has just walked into the bar. He has some information for Marty where he searched for her father. He’s clean and married. The second wife died and her father disappears. Oh, and he has a daughter, the girl at the music shop. I KNEW IT! And Marty wants to find out why she lied because she clearly knew.

Louis and Nasty Kathy are playing Kinect which looks awesome until Alice and Savannah turn on the nasty. Alice likes Louis and she and Savannah have history. Savannah goes to her room and gets a letter about a baby shower being held by Kathy. She is not happy and so she confronts Charlotte. Savannah had a whole surprise party planned and didn’t invite Kathy. This is a cheer-aster! She needs Kathy on her side or else her life will be ruined in her school and on her team. Savannah says she’ll make nice. Define nice Sav.

Marty shows up at the store, her half-sis tries to run but Marty is a cheerleader, there’s no outrunning her! So the sis dumps her stuff. Leave the bag Marty! She loses her by hopping a fence. You’d think Marty was a cop and she was smoking weed or something.

Vanessa is with Red’s ex, being interviewed. She apologizes for hurting her ten years ago. The ex says he’s a cheater in general. Vanessa says she trusts him complete which makes ex-Red laugh. They discuss whether or not Red does pay for play. She says Red is anti, which he is.

Savannah invites Kathy to the shower and Kathy is angry. She feels like she’s been made to look like an idiot. Kathy knows Savannah didn’t come because she felt bad. (I really want to know where the bad blood comes from.)

Savannah and Dan take a Kinect turn (this looks way fun ps). In comes Marty to announce her spiteful half-sister. The half-sister was her best lead. Savannah suggests trying to connect to her sister. Having a sister means always having family. Marty gives it another go (wearing running shoes). The music store owner doesn’t want to talk to Marty because Rex isn’t her favorite subject. Marty brought some music sheets because it could be something they have in common. The originals no less. Dierdre, the half sis is there though and calls her in to talk. They banter, it’s kind of cute. Dierdre’s ‘rents stayed clean until her mom died and ten he went back to drugs and left her alone with nothing but a guitar. More or less. Marty invites her over and she agrees because “she has nothing better to do.”

Kathy and Savannah join together to throw the shower and help Kathy save face in the process. Gifts are passed out. Savannah asks her dad about the tuition check, which the bank has put a 3 day hold on. He has decided not to tell her.

Bringing Dierdre home turns out to be about as awkward as possible. They shout over each other until finally Marty’s mom gives Dierdre a hug and she looks sort of shell shocked. Finally they bond for real and Dierdre burned all of Rex’s stuff. Marty wants to hear something good but they don’t have anything really. She gets frustrated because she’s the only one who doesn’t remember him. Dierdre starts playing something that Marty recognizes because it is something Rex used to sing. They have a little guitar playing duet. (In case you don’t know, Dierdre is AJ of Aly and AJ so this is particularly cute. The song is particularly silly though.) Her mom says the song brought back memories of him bouncing her on his knee but I wonder if she made that up.

Kathy says this will be Charlotte’s last hurrah with the squad, she’ll no longer be protecting her. A captain needs to succeed or fail on their own merit. Louis pulls them out of the room before they cause a scene. Louis wants to know their history. They were best friends until they were nine and Savannah killed her tarantulas. It was Kathy’s only pet that she could have. She couldn’t handle feeding them crickets so she gave them hamburger and they died. Kathy told everyone she was a murderer so she started the nickname Nasty Kathy. It was how they were teasing her that was so bad. (Good acting, she actually looks sad.) Savannah says she didn’t know she felt that way and apologizes. She gave her the spiders because she was her best friend and her parents were getting a divorce and her mom hated the spiders and maybe if she got rid of them her mom would stay. Savannah wants to start over but Dan bursts in to pull Savannah out. Her dad is being arrested. Kathy actually gives her a little reassuring pat.

Red meets with ex-Red and says she’s trying to get him in trouble for no reason. He’s still a big deal in football, regardless of whether or not she finds anything. If she leaks anything, her career will end, if not, he’s safe. She says she thought she had moved on from him when she agreed to the job. But then she say her. (Bored! Stop with this storyline.) He says he loves her. Ex-Red says she has a way to hurt him then.

Aly and AJ, I mean, Marty and Dierdre are still plucking away on their guitars.

Savannah’s dad has been accused of bribery, misuse of funds, etc. He wrote a big check and the police thought he was trying to flee the country.

Ex-Red has that evil revenge-y look on her face. What is she planning? Break up, firing?

Dan finds Savannah crying in a corner in the dark. She blames herself for the situation. Things are taken for evidence. Her father is booked.

Louis buys Kathy two tarantulas and she loves it. (To be honest, I love Kathy’s character and I particularly like how different the actress is between Hellcats, Caprica, and Kyle XY.)

Marty goes to the prof’s house for another make out session. (Another lame storyline.)


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