Make It or Break It: Requiem for a Dream

The Rock’s resident Whiny McWhinerson is about six weeks along in her pregnancy. (Beware, Em, there’s no one you can blame this pregnancy on but yourself. Try pinning that one on your mom.) Her mother is with her. Emily asks how this happened and the doctor says “did you use protection? then that’s how it happened.” (BURN!) To be fair, she’s only gotten her period once in her life (I’m a little surprised she’s gotten it at all at this point since she hasn’t taken time off like Payson or Kayley). (Anyone recognize the doctor?! It’s Andrea from 90210!) Public Broadcast: It’s never safe to have unprotected sex. Time to look at her options: keeping the baby, adoption, and abortion. Meanwhile she has to increase her diet, decrease her caffeine, and not do high impact exercise. Well that’s going to work well with her career.

Sasha motorcycles his way into the parking lot (no more trailer then?) and Random Parent says he’s glad Sasha has returned so the gym can get back to normal. Inside he finds Lauren, Emily, and Payson being interviewed about heading to Worlds. He doesn’t want Emily to be interviewed because of some…issues. She has yet to be cleared, especially with her poor performance in Hungary.

Kayley comes to flirt with Damon. Well, talk but he has some news. His labeled loved the song they wrote together and want them to record it. Together. And all this time Kayley thought she had no musical talent. He thinks they should do it because they’ve got something hot going. Musically, of course…

In the interview, the interviewer points out the inconsistencies of Emily’s career which only impact her when she wants to whine but ultimately never when she wants to compete. How can she say she should go over say, Kelly Parker? Payson steps in to say Kelly did not earn the spot while Emily did. The pressure will be on Emily to prove she deserves her spot. Sasha wants a word with Emily to find out if she has made a decision about her situation. Emily plays dumb of course and says she has time to figure things out. Sasha knows otherwise and says she has to make a decision. Emily says she will make the decision when she finds out if she will go to Worlds. By any chance is she about to do something that will cause her to miscarriage (then the show doesn’t have to deal with abortion, after all, how can they have Emily sidelined for an entire pregnancy?).

Damon and Kayley continue singing together. She’s finally realizing that she can be passionate about something other than gymnastics. Her self-worth is no longer wrapped in gymnastics. Besides perfect is boring musically and she is clearly an artist since she’s helping him finish his album. She asks if he is sure their relationship is over. He says the only thing they had in common might have been pain. It should not have been so hard. In love you should just click.

Lauren joins Steve as he watches Summer talking with Sasha. Lauren says she doesn’t trust Sasha and gives him some Beyonce wisdom “if you like it then you better put a ring on it.” a bigger and better ring and proposal than before. Lauren’s even picked out the ring already.

Chloe wants to talk but McWhinerson isn’t interested. Chloe understand being a pregnant teen to which Emily says “fantastic, after fighting it my entire life, I’ve become you.” Emily doesn’t want to think of it for fear of a fatal aneurism or head explosion. Is Emily opposed to abortion? She doesn’t know, is her mother? Chloe says Emily is the best thing in her life but she wants something better for Emily. She had Emily because she didn’t think she had a choice. Ending a pregnancy at this early stage is legal and common, but is it ok? We get some discussion on when a baby gets its soul. Does Emily think it is wrong? Bigger issue, she has not told Damon. Naturally, she cuts the conversation short so that she can mope for a little while longer.

Summer arrives home to some romantic hijinks–a corny line and a long string leading to yet more corniness until she finds Lauren and Steve proposing. Summer is overwhelmed. Lauren assumes the answer is yes. Summer says she needs to think about it.

At the Rock, Sasha and Chloe discuss Emily’s lack of dealing with issues. Sasha says she cannot possibly have the baby and continue being an elite gymnast because pregnancy changes your body. Emily’s problem has always been her “have your cake and eat it too” mentality. He points out the many ways she has failed/broken the rules: job, boyfriend, etc. Chloe wants him to give advice but he says he has no position and he doesn’t know if Emily has the drivel to go all the way and this decision will show a lot about her. She storms off unhappily.

Kayley raves to her non-doctorly therapist about how good successful her music career is (everything does kinda come easy to her, huh?). This conversation feels so artificial. She says she thought she would be deserted if she expressed her negative feelings. He tells her it may be time to get back in the gym and return to gymnastics if she desires. She’s healthy physically and mentally. She’s not as happy as one might expect by this news. (Will we have a repeat of Payson’s return?)

Lauren is doing a move that is not the one that should be on the floor. Sasha diagnoses it as a psychological quirk and suggests she come in early to work on it. Lauren’s response: “You want to work with me alone?” (Lauren, seriously?)

Summer is organizing her sharpee collection when Kim asks if it is weird for Summer to have Sasha back. A little. They discuss the proposal. Kim advises her to talk to Sasha about her values.

Payson works on her bars with Emily. Emily asks if she ever feels like her broken back was a “tiny blip” on her way to the Olympics? No. It was the biggest test of her life. (Nice try Em, equating pregnancy with a broken back.) She’s peaking at the best time for Worlds. Payson stays positive about Emily’s chances of going to Worlds but when asked to do bars she says she isn’t feeling well. She gets the news that she is going to Worlds at that moment and instead of jumping for joy she runs out of the room, leaving the NGO person with her jacket.

Payson follows Emily outside to find out what her deal is. Emily tells her she’s pregnant. Payson lectures her (Payson, now is not the time) and when Emily is all “thanks for the support” Payson refuses to be made into the bad guy. She’s not going to pretend things are going to be okay. Payson says she is being a good friend by supporting her gymnastics, everyone keeps giving her second chances because they believe in her. Emily says she isn’t as good as everyone thinks she is, she only made the team because of “more special chances.” (Are you seriously whining about the same thing Kayley is just getting over?) The pressure is too much for her. Payson says it is hard but you have to stay tough. Emily says maybe this is what she should do, maybe it is the easier path. Payson says being a teen mom can’t be an easy path. Ultimately, Payson gives her a comforting hug.

Kim tells Summer to have a private talk with Sasha. He says he is happy to see the things he missed. He wants to confide something with her that he doesn’t know how to deal with. He talks about Emily’s pregnancy. Summer tells him she needs to show Emily support and how they will be there for her when she has the baby. Sasha says he can’t tell her that because he doesn’t want her to have a baby. Uh oh, abortion talk with a religious woman is not the best discussion. He wants Emily to make something of herself and to get her family out of her awful home. Summer can’t respect Sasha’s decision so naturally she runs to Steve and says yes. (That is not how you make a marital decision!)

Kayley is recording and Damon is watching in that angsty boy way of his. Playback (this song is kinda juvenile, but whatev). He comes in and he hugs her and then…they kiss. Duh! Kayley says this is wrong but he doesn’t think it is. Emily is still her friend and she doesn’t want to hurt her.

Something smells bad to Emily’s sensitive pregnant nose. Chloe says she is there for her no matter what and she should take however much time she needs. Someone knocks on the door and it is the head of the NGO. Chloe told him what happened and Emily is furious. This isn’t the first time this has happened. They took care of it and she went on to Worlds that year. You can have the procedure on a Fri and be back training on Mon. To which Emily naturally complains that they are taking control of everything in her life, even this! (Really Em, that’s what you are taking from this?) She tells him he can’t, she will decide what to do. He says he’s come to help, he’s close to her and her mother. She thinks something is going on between her mother and him. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS ME, BOO HOO. Damon will understand and be there for her. Chloe says most teen fathers leave within the year but Emily thinks Damon will take care of her.

Lauren and Sasha practice. She’s bored but she has to relearn the move and feel safe. She tries the pass again and does it without a problem. But then she starts crying and he asks why. She’s surprised he cared about helping her. He says she’s a strong gymnast capable of winning it all. She says she thought he always thought he considered her less than the others. He says he felt shut out from her and that they are a team. They hug and make up. (Or she’s scheming. You know.)

Damon is surprised by Emily’s arrival. He’s tired of this push and pull. She wants to know if he really meant to be with her until after the Olympics. He did. She says they can just be together now. She’s going to have a baby! What about her dream? She says her dream is killing her and this is what she wants. They don’t have to wait for a happy ending, they can have it now.

Lauren sends a video of Sasha to the NGO with a note asking them to watch the whole thing. Presumably this is THE video.

Kayley’s mom wants to hang and talk. Kayley’s got something on her mind…She’s taken the biggest step already towards recovery (admitting it is the hardest because she had to do it alone but now she has support). Her mother says she can do whatever she wants.

Kayley goes to Emily to talk about Damon. She sees Emily packing and wonders what for but Emily just wants to know what she wants. Kayley has to tell the truth. She and Damon kissed, it was one time, they got caught up and it didn’t mean anything. Even though they were broken up, she would never betray her. She wanted to come clean. Emily goes creepy silent. Kayley apologizes and then leaves still without any answer from Em. Who seals her luggage to…signal that she’s still going anyway.

Payson is perusing a 16 & Pregnant magazine and wondering why our culture is obsessed with teen moms. They’re on magazine covers! Kim is sad for Emily but Kim says maybe she’s being tough on Emily. But think how Emily must feels. Emily deserted her. They put up with so much crap together because of their dream. She’s tired of leading a team that doesn’t care as much as she does. Kim says she doesn’t sound like a leader (which is fine since she isn’t with the team at the moment and your mom is the person you should be able to vent to and say un-captain-like things to).

Payson rallies the other girls and they go to Emily’s but find that she’s on a bus to Vegas to see her godmother. She’s decided to have the baby. Chloe tells the girls to keep fighting. What can they do? They link hands and decide to stay together. What should they do? Payson has an idea. (Seriously, if they head to Vegas I am going to wonder about their schedule).

Emily is on the bus, driving by her successes at the Rock. well, the montage of her memories is being played in the window. same difference right? She’s all teary eyed girl (she and Amy can be friends!)

The girls went to Gymnastics camp. Payson admits to being angry at Emily. No one understands what they go through. What their team means. Lauren says she knew Emily would never make it but she understands why Emily is keeping the baby. She has a child who lover her and a guy who adores her. The worst part, Payson says, is she was good and could have gone all the way. She’ll always be a part of them. They find the carving they made into a tree about going to 2012 together. They don’t want to go back. Not home, Kayley means hiding from gymnastics. She isn’t ready to give up on it, on everything she worked for. They’ve missed her and need her.

The adults are watching form a distance and think it is like a funeral.

So what do they do now? What they always do. Move forward, Payson says, to the Olympic podium.

In come the parents to bond with food and sleeping bags. (Even Payson’s dad is around.) And there is news. The new coach going to Worlds is…Sasha! (Does anyone think there’s any real chance that the NGO would have done that?)


2 Responses to “Make It or Break It: Requiem for a Dream”

  1. darci Says:

    I loved that song used when Sasha pulls up on his bike and hosts the press conference…it’s “I’m Alive” by Radio Freq and I thought it was really great. Anyone else agree? I put a video clip up at

    Anyway, really good episode, they seem to be getting better every episode now in the second season. My only hope is that they don’t make the Emily being pregnant storyline get too cliche and silly, but for now I’m loving Make It Or Break it.

  2. Nancy Says:

    The reason Emily got pregnant on the show because the actress who portrayed Emily was pregnant in real life so the show had to change the storyline for the actress’s Make It or Break It character.

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