ABDC: Season 6 Episode 4

Tonight we get Katy Perry as our Superstar of the night which should be fun. We have seven crews left.

The first two crews safe are: Phunk Phenomenon and I.aM.Me. (Phunk Phenomenon was one of the two crews voted to safety last week too.)

Phunk Phenomenon is challenged to create a roulette wheel while dancing to “Waking Up In Vegas.” It’s another action packed performance that never stops.
Judges say:
D-Trix: I love you guys even more this week. You created a whole story to it.
Lil Mama: The energy slowed down a bit, you are one of the most powerful groups.
JC: If you’re going to get low, get low. Gets a little cheesy.

I.aM.Me is tasked with the song “Peacock” and thus have to fan out like a peacock on stage. I like the way they tackled their change in the first second of their performance and then again later. I don’t love the small dancing its between their bigger scenes.
Judges say:
Lil Mama: this group always cease to amaze me. (I don’t think she said what she meant to say there.)
JC: Good for the asymmetrical finally. (JC is surprisingly the toughest of the judges.) Got a little clunky in the end.
D-Trix: Your challenge was hard, I thought it was awesome. This crew has an authentic style.

The next crew safe is…787 Crew. Meanwhile Request is once again in danger.

787 Crew gets “Hot N Cold” and need to create a rollercoaster. I like how sharp their moves are though I’m less impressed by some of their basic moves. Great tricks though. It is nice to see how they found a way to incorporate their injured dancer into the routine despite his wheelchair.
Judges say:
JC: You took a negative situation and turned it into a positive. Love the levels.
D-Trix: Puerto Rico brought the heat.
Lil Mama: Tremendous formations and high energy.

Iconic Boyz and Instant Noodles are both safe, meaning Street Kingdom are in the bottom two with Request.

Iconic Boyz get “Teenage Dreams” and need to create a wall that they knock down. They start the performance already in wall formation which seems like cheating but it is enjoyable to see their Glee-inspired gear (maybe it is just me but it makes me think of Finn and Sam).
Judges say:
D-Trix: It wasn’t that good. Being adorable isn’t enough. They aren’t as clever as the older kids. (such as with the wall)
Lil Mama: you’re my babies. You’re choreography is clean. You have swag. They’re like a boy band.
JC: Disagree with D-Trix. The wall was a bit ABC. The rest of the routine though…was high performance.
(JC and D-Trix begin arguing and LM stands up at one point to reveal the CRAZY tutu that is her outfit.)

Instant Noodles receive “Firework” and have to create a chain reaction that passes through the entire crew. Some of the moves were funny but strange (such as ballet) and perhaps a little slow at points (almost like they needed a moment to compose themselves). I didn’t really see how they incorporated the challenge.
Judges say:
JC: It’s fun but there seemed to be a lot of pauses.
D-Trix: I love the comedy.
Lil Mama: Utilized the stage well and opened up.

Time for the final battle between Request and Street Kingdom.

Street Kingdom are tasked with creating a spaceship while dancing to “E.T.” I didn’t love it this week. Not bad but didn’t blow me away either.

Request are given “California Girls” and must ride a wave on stage, which could be a cool idea if they manage it well. it wasn’t what I was imagining ultimately but it was interesting. The tough thing with this crew is they have no one who can do anything super exciting so while they are clean and sharp, there isn’t really a WOW moment.

Judges say:
D-Trix: That for real was the best performance I’ve ever seen in my life (he’s actually crying and I want to shake him and say “really?” I know they are the originators of krump but seriously).
JC: Great battle. THis is a perfect example of perseverance. You’re showing up and fighting off the competition. You show many styles and I love the visuals. Top notch.
Lil Mama: Street Kingdom boosted the energy in the room. Request definitely held it down. Both came out and were ready to put their hearts on the floor and say lets go.

The judges put their heads together to deliberate. It is pretty clear where D-Trix’s vote is going but what about the other two? The crew that will be staying is…Street Kingdom, which means Request will be heading back to New Zealand.


4 Responses to “ABDC: Season 6 Episode 4”

  1. Brittany Says:

    I thought last night’s episode was crazy. When D-Trix and JC got into it I was like jumping out of my seat. It’s the first time I’ve seen EVERYONE disagree with him (judges.) But I honestly thought D-Trix was on some drugs when he said Street Kingdom’s performance was the best performance he had ever seen.

    • ax20 Says:

      agreed. i get that they have the guy who started krump but i think that is clouding his judgment.

      • Julia Mathias Says:

        Really? After that E.T. performance I was really pumped, I can’t imagine how it must of been to see that live. Krump is all about release of energy, so a part of that is always missed when you watching through a screen, but I still think it was a very good performance.

  2. Meagan Says:

    I believe ReQuest crew will come back this week nd surprise everyone when they come back to do the Rihanna week this week…excited nd cant wait…cuz they r going to kill it. : )

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