Hellcats: This isn’t about cheating.

The new athletic director is more of a creepy leerer than he is someone who knows about sports. Whether he’s biting his lip and dancing in place as he watches the Hellcats rehearse for a fundraiser, talking about their tasty moves, or asking Vanessa about Red’s divorce, he’s sorta creepy. For some reason Marty is not rehearsing but only working. She’s just too good to practice?

Louis is about to get in trouble for cheating on a paper but refuses to defend himself. Marty takes it upon herself to get someone good to defend him so naturally she heads over to her law professor’s new office—Three Strikes Central—to get his help. He is still faculty on the student advisor court and she wants to be a defender. He agrees after she pleads her case.

Louis is MIA and Alice genuinely wants to help marty help him. Luckily, she knows where to find him. When he feels guilty he likes to beat himself up, so he boxes. Apparently, he never used the paper he bought.

Red confronts the new director for digging into his personal life. Apparently, the NCAA is digging into lancer and they don’t want to be surprised by anything. The director decides he dislikes red and is fine if he gets buried.

Marty and the prof are getting awkwardly close as he suggests that Louis might be covering for someone and that her job as a lawyer is to help the client not deliver justice.

For the most random cameo possible, Nastia Liukin MCs the fundraiser. Thing I find awkward: teachers/coaches partaking in overly sexualized dances/songs with their students. (I’m looking at you glee and hellcats.)

Savannah and Louis have been arguing and Alice and Marty wonder if it was Savannah he is covering for. She probably knew nothing about evolution at the time when Louis bought the paper and Louis owed Savannah for getting on the team. So naturally Alice confronts her and Savannah starts crying.

The real story comes out: Savannah was on her own for the first time and she didn’t understand evolution at all. The professor made fun of her in class. She refused to write the paper and Louis refused to let her quit so he said he’d help her write the paper and then bought one for her. He planned to use it as a reference. Eventually it got so late that they ended up using at least part of it despite their intentions. Louis blames himself because Savannah would never have done it. If he’s suspended the Hellcats lose a base before nationals, but losing Savannah—their captain and best flyer—would be a disaster. So what to do? Savannah opts to come clean.

Red panics about his ex-wife whose job is to help the school investigate. This could be awkward but she acts fairly calm. She may or may not have hired private investigators to follow them. Vanessa admits that they are together.

Marty is upset that Dan didn’t tell her the truth. She’s his best friend but Savannah is his girlfriend and had sworn him to secrecy. They swore their relationship had to be different after all.

Time for court. Savannah pleads guilty and Marty has her final say before punishment is decided. She opts for a speech about Savannah’s positivity. I’m not sure what this has to do with anything. I feel like there are better things she might have said in this instance (like mitigating circumstances and first time offense, etc). She asks for them to let her continue making things better at lancer—positive outcomes only.

Louis gets academic probation (technically he did nothing wrong, buying a paper is not wrong it is using it and plagiarizing that is).

Savannah’s punishment is reached quickly and they decide that all she will get is an F in the class she used the paper for. Louis is talking with Alice, Dan is with Savannah, and Marty sneaks off all sad and lonely, but not for long because she goes to her ex-professor’s (he is not teaching for the time being). Really Marty, you should know better! Sure enough, they end up making out a bit. (Note to TV writers: the student-teacher relationship thing has been done to death lately.)


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