ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 10

As I don’t recap fake episodes (those recapping episode full of filler) or even watch them, I have been missing ANTM for about two weeks. Luckily there was some exciting news about the series to tide me over. The show will be doing an All Star season. It’s about time! I don’t know who I want back, but I can’t wait to see who they bring.

Morocco time for the girls! Alexandria’s feeling good after winning best photo. Molly is pissed because she always looks pissed. She blames it on her adoption. Alexandria morphs into a screechy teen. She did promise she could change colors, unlike her gecko. Kasia takes the opportunity to remind us that she is older and more experienced than the other girls. Brittani is used to killing, skinning, and eating snakes. What else would you do with them? Oh right, hanging them on the wall of the bar.

Monkeys jumps on the girls and Jay tells them to pose for a picture. They did not hit it like models and I can’t help but wonder if this will come back to bite them at some point. They love to tell the girls that every picture counts because the paparazzi will be stalking them.

The traditional Moroccan meal is less disgusting than many of the meals the models have been served through the different seasons.

Time for a walking challenge with some very ethnic clothes. Brittani walks well. Poor Kasia can’t find an outfit to fit. Molly can’t shed her sour face. Hannah is extra bubbly. Kasia finally finds an outfit and she is the only one with heels (finally her experience matters). Alexandria works it but somehow forgets to remove her socks. Andre Leon Talley tells the girls always to wear heels and says Brittani’s walk was best because she never put her hands on her hips.

Tea Time with Talley. Molly doesn’t understand the whole smile no matter how you feel rule and continues to hate on Alexandria. Most obvious statement of the night goes to Alexandria who says “it’s so not America”. Molly gets upset to have to share a bed with other people.

“You’ve made it this far but you’re not over the hump yet.” Alexandria did say she wanted to do a shoot with camels so this Tyra Mail should make her happy.

Michael Woolley is tonight’s photographer. The theme is a complete mystery but yay camels and desert!

  • Brittani plans to ride the camel across the desert and back but it turns out to be more difficult than she expected. After some advice from Jay, things go well.
  • Molly manages to force a bubbly smile and has no problems getting accustomed to the camel. She brought tension to the shot, says Mr. Jay.
  • Kasia plans to bring a lot of emotion and have great body shapes. So in other words…she plans to model. Unfortunately she gets to posey and can’t take in Jay’s advice. She has a heart to heart with Jay about being self-conscious but it is too late for the shoot.
  • Alexandria says some weird things to the photographer and has a tough time from the start. She is too controlled. Jay says she is being awkward and he wants something fresh and new. The photographers to stop directing herself so much. She stands up on the camel, like Brittani but straight up.
  • Hannah refuses to be forgotten today. She looks like a bull rider and they like it.

Alexandria is concerned about her performance, which the girls hope means she will go home.

Tyra looks like she is about to go horseback riding for judging.

  • Brittani– androgynous but still beautiful. perhaps too concerned with what is around her.
  • Alexandria– strong upper body, slightly awkward stance, face looks angry. she is warned not to upset the photographer. looks like a stubborn girl.
  • Kasia– eyes not soft enough,seemed self-conscious. lacks the energy needed.
  • Molly– solid shot, looks natural and shows off the clothes. elegant.
  • Hannah– very different, hand slightly awkward, edgy and natural, expression is maybe ok

Best photo goes to Molly. Brittani is the runner up. Hannah is safe, leaving Kasia and Alexandria in the bottom two.

The girl who will be staying is…Alexandria. Because she has stronger pictures.


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