Hellcats: Coming to a Theater Near You.

Marty and Louis are running through the darkened hallways of the athletic department. Louis shoots the glass doors with the gun he’s packing. They trip over a dead body. They have four bullets left. A zombie pops up and they scream and “FREEZE!” This is Dan’s movie for his application. Savannah assures him the admissions panel will love his film.

Marty runs off to a guitar shop to track down her dad. He isn’t in the database though. She begs as though asking would suddenly make his name pop up. The music store girl, Dierdre, asks her dad but he doesn’t know either. There is one last place to check: the wall. The girl seems oddly interested (like she’s a long lost half-sister who is hiding it?). Sure enough, on the wall, Marty finds her dad’s set list. The date is later than when Marty’s mother told her that her father died.

Alice tries to get help because she is failing. And help is really cheating. $300 for at least a B. This isn’t the first time she’s done it and no one has been caught yet. Except that someone was taping them. Conveniently. Ah, Alice was undercover. Surprising and smooth. The newspaper woman she’s helping suggests Alice get a career in journalism. Alice says she had a blog in high school (was blogging that popular then?).

Marty confronts her mother. Her mother tries to play it off as an error at the guitar shop but Marty isn’t having it. “Ok, fine, let’s go.” Go where? To see the hobos on the street to know that Marty’s dad was an addict. One day she came home and found Marty and her father gone. She tracked them down here where her dad was getting high and left her alone. So her mother grabbed her and broke up with her husband. He never came home again. So when Marty started asking where he was so she lied and said he died.

After the film is screened, they have to explain how the film demonstrate their vision as a filmmaker and why they should accept them into the program. Dan takes studious notes and then introduces himself to a goth girl. Dan is feeling good about himself until goth girl starts talking about how good themes were the year before and he finally begins getting nervous. He tries to come up with some metaphorical mumbo jumbo so as not to sound like an idiot with his film. “So, there are real zombies?” He watches last year’s top film and is bored out of his mind. He gets so down on himself that he decides not to submit his film. Why bother if no one will get him anyway? Savannah tells him that just because he is scared doesn’t mean he should give up. He says h isn’t scared but he can make movies without film school. Savannah tells him he is making a mistake. When he leaves, she takes the film and submits his application anyway.

Dan goes to Marty to cheer her up. She bemoans the real father she has discovered. She explains what she learned. This conversation is a little lame because it gives us nothing new really. She thinks maybe she wasn’t good enough for him. She wishes he cared about her, that she was enough.

Alice finds Louis who hopes that the cheating story gets cancelled. Louis will get in trouble if she does because his name will come up. She refuses, this is the first thing she’s excited about. Louis got a paper from her freshman year. He says it is complicated. He asks her to kill the story (I don’t see why he thinks she could, she isn’t running it) but she turns him down. She calls Kelsey, the newspaper person, to ask her to kill the story. Kelsey laughs and blows off the suggestion as a joke.

Marty’s mom brings up Marty’s dad’s guitar. Marty finds some sheet music underneath, a song her dad wrote the day Marty was born. See, he did love you even if he was still an addict! (Does anyone else find it weird how in the last few episodes suddenly Marty LOVES music?) Rex might even still be alive. I imagine we’ll see a reunion at some point.

Savannah meets Dan at the bar and pulls him to the film application. She’s been judged her whole life, if she changed everything to avoid people’s opinions she’d be missing out. She convinces him to go in just as his film is playing. There’s the good kind of laughter going on. It’s disgusting but surprisingly well shot considering the timetable and actual equipment (of course, that is because he didn’t really shoot it but you know). Love that Savannah turns out to be the one to pull out the big guns. Even the pretentious film students are into it by the time the big fight scene comes along. His screening gets a big applause. He is then called up to tell them how the film contributes to film as an art form. He gets nervous, Savannah encourages him. He gets up and says he loves old horror movies because they commented on real issues while being entertaining. His film is about overcoming fear, which he learned about in the application process. Being a cheerleader, Savannah leads the applause. (Dude, just a note, it isn’t really appropriate to kiss your girlfriend during your application.)

Marty performs her father’s song at the coffee shop/bar thing. The song’s actually not too bad. (I’m a sucker for violins in modern music.) Savannah looks guiltily at Louis (it isn’t her fault, she did actually try!). I half expect her father to walk in right now. Anyone else? No such luck.

The best part of this episode was the surprisingly good horror flick. Savannah was a very background character (literally just a cheerleader), which is unfortunate because she is the deepest person on the show. Marty’s self-pitying “why wasn’t I good enough” didn’t quite work for me. Dan was fine as a character but he’s about the least appealing personality I have seen on television in a while (perhaps because we met him as a player and haven’t overall seen much else–even now that he is with Savannah again, you know it is not because he was over Marty but rather because he thought Marty was over him). On the upside, no Vanessa and Red!


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