ABDC: Season 6 Episode 3

This week’s theme is The Black Eyed Peas, an exciting theme considering how good they are to dance to. [Side note but does anyone else think that dancing shows look so cool when put into slow motion?] This week we will be seeing from all eight remaining crews. Lil Mama is in her most atrocious outfit yet. She is no JLo.

The first crews that will definitely be back, thanks to audience votes are Iconic Boyz and Phunk Phenomenon.

Iconic Boyz are tasked with dancing to “Just Can’t Get Enough.” As an added challenge, they must all be completely connected at some point on the stage. As with their previous performance, I noticed that there is a varying level of skill, but otherwise it was fun and interesting. I still don’t think it is up to par with what we have seen from the other groups.
Judges say:
JC: I like that you attacked your challenge more than once but it got sloppy at moments. Need a little more.
D-Trix: So cute! I liked it.
Lil Mama: I’m with you to the end.

Phunk Phenomenon is challenged with speed control, dancing to the song “Don’t Stop the Party.” This performance opens with a bang and though the slowed down part is neither here nor their, the routine as a whole is impressive.
Judges say:
Lil Mama: Y’all was like sneaking some things in there!
JC: You guys just put everyone on blast.
D-Trix: What can’t you guys do?

The next two crews that are safe are i.aM.mE and Street Kingdom.

i.aM.mE must transform into a machine during their dance to “Meet Me Halfway”. This was another high-energy performance.
Judges say:
D-Trix: This was the perfect challenge for you and you executed it. Just remember the choreography.
Lil Mama: Most improved group so far (out of three…)
JC: I like that you’re using the camera to see what people see but use the stage more/differently.

Street Kingdom is told to create a futuristic battle with light sabers to “I’ma Be”. They’re good but not as exciting as I want. There’s also a little less “battle” than I hoped for.
Judges say:
Lil Mama: Biggest group on this show but you didn’t give me what you could have. Bring it harder.
JC: Started slow. The light sabers helped pick it up.
D-Trix: I love the movement but find a way to communicate your brilliance.

The final two dance crews that are safe are 787 Crew and Instant Noodles.

787 Crew has to teleport during their routine to “Boom Book Pow.” Though their costumes come out looking like bad superhero imitations, complete with over the pants underwear, it’s pretty awesome.
Judges say:
D-Trix: Sick! Keep up the creativity.
Lil Mama: I love that you don’t let it stagnate.
JC: Listen to some of the unexpected beats.

Instant Noodles are told they must create a video game during their dance to “My Humps”. I didn’t really see how they accomplished their challenge in the routine and i was less than impressed here.
Judges say:
JC: You seemed to have a lot of fun but don’t bounce in your isos.
D-Trix: I’m totally on your side now. Your floorwork is something no other crew has on you.
Lil Mama: You had exquisite parts but be more confident throughout.

Footworkingz and Request battle it out for the final spot to make it through to next week.

Footworkingz is tasked with floating during “I Gotta Feeling”. Not the best performance of the night, but certainly not the worst.

Request is challenged with cloning themselves while dancing to “Dirty Bit”. This performance is fun but not altogether impressive. (I want them to work on their facial expressions.)

Judges say:
D-Trix: Footworkingz you came even harder this week. Never give up.
Lil Mama: Request you were like a bunch of queens. Strength is all through this group. It was electric, sharp, clean, sexy, and powerful.
JC: I’ve enjoyed every moment of Footworkingz, you embrace the musicality. Request, I liked that you had two different feelings throughout.

Time for the judges to decide who will be making it through to episode 4 of the season of the superstar. In case you missed what the judges said two minutes ago, Mario will now recap it for you. (See above.) The crew staying is…Request.


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