ABDC: Season 6 Episode 2

This week is the Kesha challenge with the other five crews of this challenge but first we start with a group performance. This routine I think is even better than last week’s (it helps that Kesha’s songs are perfect for dancing).

First up is Footworkingz who give us the names of some steps. This is a group with a bunch of guys and one girl (who feels the need to work extra hard to prove herself with the guys). They get the song Tik Tok which should be challenging since it’s got some pretty fast beats in it. That and the remix they’ve done is even faster. On the one hand their routine is cool but on the other hand it is a bit boring and repetitive with only a couple really cool and surprising moments. Lil Mama thinks they’re a gust of fresh air.
JC thinks this style is based on speed and it is hard to keep it clean but you accomplished it. D-Trix says it was just nasty yo and he’s a big fan already.

Puerto Rican group 787 Crew is an all guy group that is fairly young. They teach themselves everything and they’re dancing to Kesha’s “Blow.” Last night one of their group broke his leg the night before during rehearsal and had to rearrange their performance. This routine starts with a bang and keeps with the big tricks throughout (it is really no wonder someone broke a leg considering). The amount of tricks is impressive now they just need to work on varying the types of tricks (it was mostly a lot of flips). D-Trix can’t wait to see seven considering how they performed with six. Lil Mama found it mind blowing and have great rhythm. JC likes that they stepped up to the plate (doing moves that hurt someone else) but my one note is to preserve their tricks because this is a long road to victory.

The youngest crew ever to appear on this show, coming from Jersey Shore, are the Iconic Boyz. They get made fun of for their dancing (“dancing is for girls”) and have given up a lot to pursue their dancing. They get “Your Love Is My Drug.” (Their dance teacher is Geo from Season one’s group ICONic though they will have to make up their routines on their own for the competition.) The boys are so cute and are pretty good but I’m not sure they are experienced enough for this contest. JC was pleasantly surprised (he was the only one not to stand up to to applaud) because they used levels and formations. D-Trix thinks their a bunch of dancing Justin Biebers, ya’ll are good at dance. Lil Mama finds them charming and says they’re starting their own foundation on the stage.

The first ever pole dancing crew is onstage (there are crews that do that?), Jag6ed, and wants to prove it doesn’t have to all be sexual and erotic. They get Kesha’s song “Sleazy” which is funny/ironic considering the message they are trying to send. One girl was off on their tricks but it is clear these girls know how to dance. The poles are surprisingly less exciting than you might have thought. Mario takes a swing at the pole before going to the judges. D-Trix has mixed feelings because he has something there but they haven’t quite defined what they had to say. (Plus he’s a guy and couldn’t get passed the whole girls and poles thing.) Lil Mama wants them to kick it up a notch. JC gets it but there was a lot of walking around and less working/dancing to get from place to place. (Before they went, I was sure the Iconic Boyz would be leaving but now I’m not so sure.)

Finally we have all boy group “Instant Noodles” from Taiwan. One of their dancers is injured so they have to rearrange their choreography, which is heavily based on having six people. They get Kesha’s “Dirty Picture.” This crew is a lot of fun. Not as clean as they should be at points but definitely entertaining. Lil Mama found it entertaining and liked that they took advantage of the stage but they were missing some choreo. JC liked their low performance (which is rare and unusual) but they shouldn’t do it every week. D-Trix didn’t like it at all, they had moments but they were also predictable and didn’t show anything new and exciting. It’s not what you do but how you do it. (Wow some harsh critique from the mostly ever-loving D-Trix.)

The judges have made the decision about which four crews will make it through. The top two crews are Footworkingz and Iconic Boyz. The next crew to advance is…787 Crew (I’m a little surprised they didn’t make it through before Iconic Boyz). The crew that still has a shot is…Instant Noodles. Which means Jag6ed will be going home.

(This is another show where I would love a week where we just see the crews perform without worrying about elimination so that we can get used to them and they can get used to the big stage and audience before we lose anyone. I suppose they accomplish that by having the judges pick the first eliminations without America’s input, but I would rather no eliminations for the first week.

Now just in case you forgot that Randy Jackson has anything to do with this show, Randy gets on stage to tell the groups that they have to make history each week in order to win this battle.


2 Responses to “ABDC: Season 6 Episode 2”

  1. C.BLOOM Says:

    It wasn’t funny that Jag6ed got “Sleazy”, it was unfair. It was the image they are fighting against. It felt like a set-up. Like ABDC had no intention of keeping them around, they were just fillers. They have already sent home 2 crews, and we didn’t get to vote. I agree there should be no eliminations the first time.

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