Happy Endings

The newest comedy on TV to follow the Friends model (six friends, three boys and three girls, a pair of siblings, some inter-group dating) starts with the wedding and subsequent breakup of Alex and Dave. Though the show could easily dwell on this awkward new dynamic (which it does in the first episode) it quickly moves on so that it feels like a comfortable friend zone by episode two.

After watching the show I am mostly torn about my feelings for it. On the one hand, I don’t really find Elisha Cuthbert to be that credible as a lead on this show (I didn’t particularly like her in 24 so it could just be that I don’t like her). Few, if any, of the comedic moments came form her character. Dave, played by Zachary Knighton, is not much better. On the other hand, I didn’t hate the pilot and episode number two.

I found myself enjoying three of the main characters, over the top Penny (the non gay guy of the group) and married couple Brad and Jane (Jane is Alex’s sister). Brad (Damon Wayans) wasn’t overly funny but he had a few particularly good moments. Jane on the other hand was my favorite (she reminds me of Kathrine from Greek) and had a lot of good moments (more in episode two where she helped her more carefree sister find a roommate).

Right not the show is good enough to watch but not a must see. What did you think about this show?


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