ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 8

So panel was the worst day of Brittani’s life. Is she surprised to have gotten called out on her behavior at the shoot? She says she wants to clear the air. Brittani apologizes for exploding. Alexandria forgives but doesn’t forget. Apparently the attitude toward her is “flipped.” Molly isn’t buying it (dude, someone give Molly a makeover!). They go to an art gallery full of their pictures, which Tyra calls the Hall of Portfolios so she can teach them how to put together a portfolio. Face shot. End with something conversational. You don’t need a lot of pictures (Tyra once booked 25 shows with three photos); Better to have a few great pictures over a lot of crappy ones. Brittani still feels awkward with Tyra so she stays quiet.

Tyra wants the girls to C where they are going oversees. They have the letters which they must put together to discover: Morocco. (This is about as corny as the show has ever been.) Go sees tomorrow in order to determine who goes. Only five of the girls will be taking this international trip.

With this advanced warning the girls prepare for the go sees. Hannah, why pigtails for this!?! They must pack a bag to help them represent each of the archetypes Tyra taught them about last week. The girls get a map but their driver cannot give them directions. They must arrive at Lana Marks by 3 pm or be eliminated. Alexandria thinks she has an advantage because she’s from LA.

Go See 1-
Frankie B Jeans, Bombshell. Molly wanders aimlessly. Alexandria arrives first and behind her are all the other girls. Molly considers leaving to go to the next one because she is last so she does. The owner liked that Alexandria was sweet, personable, and knew the brand. Brittani has the edge. Kasia and Hannah seem to go well too. Jaclyn is too sweet though.

Go See 2-
House Casting, Girl Next Door- Molly is there first but isn’t friendly enough. Alexandria is second and she comes off friendly and excited. Jaclyn’s accent was difficult to get past.

Go See 3-
Oday Shakar, Couture. They really liked Kasia here. Brittani had a nice walk. (Nice that so far none of the designers don’t like her because she’s a plus size model.)

Go See 4-
Smashbox, Athletic. Molly did not bring athletic wear but she did well despite this. Alexandria was lost but thanks to spotting Molly she finds the place. She brought a swimsuit with her. They like her a lot.

Jaclyn opted to go to Lana Marks very early. Alexandria debates making the last casting but opts out in the end. The girls hope she doesn’t make it. but she manages to get there with thirty seconds left. This might be the first time that no one was disqualified for being late. The three top girls will get an extra go see at Lana marks. Kasia, Molly, and Alexandria are the top three. Hannah needs more runway work. Brittani and Jaclyn only made it to two go sees.

Go See 5-
Lana Marks. The winner will be part of a campaign, win a clutch, dresses, etc. All three girls seem to do a good job posing with the bags. (Kasia was the only one to have a really good answer for what it would mean to win this.) Ultimately, she chose Alexandria because she was “a natural, beautiful, magnificent girl.” Molly lost out because she wasn’t graceful while sitting and waiting.

Tyra Mail: A modeling career is a terrible thing to waste.

The girls arrive at the landfill. Ha! Alexandria actually covers her face with her hair. Nigel and Mr. Jay tells them to get used to it because they will be doing an eco-friendly shoot here for Michael Cinco. These are actually some of the coolest dresses I’ve seen on the how in a while.

Kasia– not as much range in the face as Nigel would like
Jaclyn– needs to work on control
Hannah-seems awkward at points because she starts second guessing her pose, with some encouragement from Jay she picks it up
Alexandria– feeling like a queen on top of garbage, she’s totally on for this shoot
Molly– great model but when the camera gets put down she complains and whines
Brittani– Nigel gives Brittani a pep talk that they have faith in her, got down on the ground for this shoot

Kasia and Molly think they’re safe because they won at the go sees.

Alexandria– booked every one of her go sees. she was prepared, outgoing, and friendly. her shoot is “true high fashion” and could be a double page spread. Model on and off camera. Unheard of to book so many.
Jaclyn– only made it to two go sees which Lana Marks says there is no excuse for. She booked both though. Nigel says she should work more on her face and her arm is a little off.
Molly– booked two out of four job, she comes across as cold and not present when she thinks she isn’t being judged. Nigel says the same. Lana Marks says had she been more smiley she’d have won the ad. Her shot is pretty amazing. Too standoffish in person. Lana Marks thinks she’s insecure. (I think in part it is also just her face which is a bit shadowy around the eyes.)
Kasia– Kasia also made it to four castings and booked two. she sometimes came off as rehearsed and forced. the shot was gorgeous but is perhaps a bit stuck. She needs to learn the tricks for her body. Hit or miss.
Hannah– booked two of three go sees. Came off sweet but inexperienced. Posture is strong. Tyra tells her to catch up mentally to her technical abilities. Seems too frail for the industry.
Brittani– Tyra accepted Brittani’s apology and she and Alexandria resolved it. Brittani booked two of two go sees. Her shot is pretty excellent though her muscles look a bit stiff. To me her leg looks a little amputated but it’s still pretty cool. Not enough control but amazing dace and potential.

The winner of the garbage shoot is: Alexandria. (They make a lot out of the fact that she’s wearing a shirt that says number one.) Hannah gets second. Bottom two is Jaclyn and Molly. Ultimately molly stays because her body of work is so strong and she needs to stay more positive in front of clients. Molly cries through this which is a bit surprising. I don’t like that Kaclyn goes home just because she only made it to two go sees (in the real world she would have given herself more time and figured out where to go and perhaps mapquested it) but I suppose no one took a bad picture.


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