ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 7

Mikaela is upset that her model experience has not helped her do better in the photoshoots and Britanni mopes that Alexandria was not in the bottom two. The girls get home and find some bags with symbols of some sort. It’s for the Women Warriors in Pink, Race for a Cure. Molly is avoiding Alexandria (was that a weave-confessional there?) and Alexandria feels attacked because all the girls hate her.

Since Ford doesn’t have enough product placement on American Idol, it decided to get into the action on America’s Next Top Model (is Ford trying to campaign for most American car company or something?) and the winner will be in a nation-wide print ad.

Jaclyn– our warrior of courage has no problems on her shoot
Kasia– the warrior of heart (?) seems to have an equally easy time
Brittani– the warrior dove (?) is confident because she just won but she doesn’t think when she takes pictures and Nigel calls her out on it, you have to have a heart
Hannah– the spiral warrior has a bit of a tough time owning it, not memorable enough
Mikaela– this is a personal shoot for Mikaela (her niece has lost a grandmother), the warrior of war paint (seriously who thinks of these names?) but can’t seem to change things up, she forgot to emote her symbol
Molly– the warrior of angel wings really wants to win because she hasn’t won yet
Alexandria– the tree of love warrior (which Brittani hates on immediately) gets a good reaction from Nigel, made it her own

The winner is Alexandria. I saw the ad campaign this weekend and I wasn’t particularly impressed but it was a pretty basic ad, with her just standing by the car. But she actually wins the car. Cue evil jealousy looks from the other girls who were already fuming about her win. They shoot the campaign on the spot. Brittani “really really thinks Nigel made a mistake because she’s the ugliest person there and doesn’t look like a model,” she “just wants someone who deserves it and is a good person.” Alexnadria is close enough to hear this and says so. Brittani starts yelling at her, loudly enough for Nigel to hear. It’s funny for Brittani to say how nice she is as she acts mean (sure, Alexandria is a brat but that’s not nice either by any standard). Alexandria doesn’t get it but the girls haven’t exactly addressed things in the best way either. I can’t imagine anything will be resolved this way.

Ms. Jay wakes the girls before 7 am because he has “scored us VIP treatment at Universal Studios” which Brittani thinks will be just fun but I imagine something is about to happen to make it less fun and more challenge. Sure enough, when Ms. Jay steps out to take a picture at a house from Psycho, out comes Mr. Jay to kill him for not modeling H-to-T. Sure enough, it is photoshoot time with Miguel Starcevish who wants an artsy, extreme picture. Eric Daman, the stylist for Gossip Girl, has come to style the shoot which already makes this seem less extreme. The shoot theme will be “Crazy For…”

Molly– Crazy for Accessories brings a little too much crazy at first but she seems to settles in after a bit
Brittani– Crazy for Shoes went crazy on her shoot in a good way
Hannah– Crazy for Bags but seems to lose herself by talking though out the entire shoot
Jaclyn– Crazy for Makeup is a natural
Kasia– Crazy for Hair was different and fun
Alexandria– Crazy for Fur uses some screaming to make her shoot come to life
Mikaela– Crazy for Sales sounds like she’s having an orgasm which is awk and has a hard time figuring out what to do in the set

If Alexandria doesn’t go home, Brittani worries that she will flip out. Nigel’s already seen it, so it should be interesting to see what he mentions about it. It is certainly not professional to do at a photoshoot. The girls are giving her the silent treatment which sort of makes me sympathize with her a bit.

Tyra seems to have some wardrobe issues, so it seems she changed before judging started officially (we don’t even get to see the Tyra Mail for this panel).

Hannah– her picture is surprisingly great but her film was otherwise awful because she was talking mid-picture (it looks like she’s stealing all the bags she’s obsessed with)
Molly– her picture ended up cool despite her earlier difficulties
Jaclyn– looks like a scary clown but in a good way, very edgy and editorial. Nigel thinks it is her best picture yet. She looks like the “Joker.”
Mikaela– Her picture is sort of okay, not crazy enough, did she get the assignment?
Kasia– Does anyone else wish she stuck a lock of her hair in her mouth? Her face is pretty crazy and looks weirdly good.
Alexandria– high fashion but her face isn’t crazy enough

Nigel brings up the fight between Brittani and Alexandria and says that Brittani was the unprofessional one. Alexandria starts crying and then Brittani starts crying for making herself look bad (which leads to hiccups) and says she’s “so mad she let Alexandria make her look do this.” Tyra says that she needs to show sportsmanship and shut her mouth especially in front of the client. She has to show respect for herself, the client, co-workers. Brittani walks out. Andre tells Alexandria he’s sorry for her to have to hear all this and should smile. Brittani manages to collect herself enough to return but she’s sort of mid-panic attack.

Brittani– sweet but not as big as they would have liked.

Tyra talks about how girls think the opposite of fake is rudeness just because it is telling the truth. They think maybe Brittani can change. Backstage meanwhile Alexandria asks the others to tell her that they don’t like her. She’d prefer they had just been honest and said they didn’t like her. Tyra thinks Brittani should stay home but it seems that she is outvoted (we learn that Nigel and the other judges outvoted Tyra to get rid of Tocarra but in hindsight thinks she should have stayed).

Top photo is…Jaclyn. Runner up goes to Molly. Hannah, Kasia, and Alexandria are called next, leaving Brittani and Mikaela in the Bottom Two. (Tyra says she thinks Alexandria handled herself very well.) The girl who must return to the model house, pack her bags, and leave is…Mikaela. (Anticlimactic for us but maybe a little more surprising for the models.) Tyra makes it a point to say she was outvoted and says she doesn’t know how Brittani can prove that she deserves to remain in the competition.


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