ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 6

The girls arrive back at the house after elimination and find Tyra (how did she beat them back?). Molly has a little meltdown about her weave and Kasia wants her to suck it up. Tyra tells her the same but the weave will be removed anyway. Tyra talks about the archetypes of each girl.

First we label the famous models:

  • Gisele Bunchen is the “bombshell.”
  • Coco Rocha is the “girl next door.”
  • Agness Deyn is the “edgy” one.
  • Sessilee Lopez is “couture.”

Then we sort the girls:

  • Kasia is a cross between bombshell and couture.
  • Jaclyn is girl next door.
  • Monique is bombshell.
  • Alexandria is edgy bombshell.
  • Brittani is couture.
  • Mikaela is a bombshell.

I’m noticing a pattern. Tyra, you may be a bombshell, but not everyone is. But moving on. Once you get to be a successful model, you become famous, Tyra informs the girls. So we must discuss the levels of fame. She discusses her boundaries. She gives them lessons on autograph signing. They also need to have thick skin. Alexandria thinks she’s as tough as a diamond thanks to her background of abuse, but I think she’s much more fragile than she realizes. The tough girl is more facade than real.

Molly’s weave is gone and returns with crazy crimp. Does she get a replacement haircut? Monique is annoyed that Hannah won again but really she’s just worried about being sent home to Hebron, Illinois.

Today will be an autograph signing challenge. A what?!?! This is to test them on how well they carry themselves. The winners gets to have dinner with Ms. Jay. Jaclyn is loving it. Monique just seems to be modeling angrily on the side. She goes as far as saying that Alexandria would kiss some random guy so she tries to deflect it onto her boyfriend. (Monique, do you really want to mess with the meanest girl in the competition?) Alexandria resolves things with a kiss on the cheek. Jay’s evals. Alexandria was sweet but is told not to kiss him on the cheek because it could lead to stalking. Jaclyn is squeaky. Kasia talked while staying model-ly. Monique was bored and rude. The winner is Kasia who selects Jaclyn and Brittani for dinner. The losers must clean up the garbage as Monique wonders why Kasia won since they were so close together. Move over Alexandria, Monique is gunning for your queen of drama. “I hate my life right now.” She hopes they choke on their meals. Ms. Jay tells them “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will make me wealthy.” When they got back it was more awkward because she was trying to act like “why would I have wanted to be at that dinner” which means “I wish I was there.”

Tyra Mail! “Oh the tangled webs we weave.” Time for a new photo shoot and the girls worry about there being spiders involved. I would be surprised if there was, only because they just did animals last week. Maybe some huge web that they are “caught” in? That could be cool.

Jaclyn takes the time to see if Monique is ok. She’s just all annoyed because she wants to win. Well so does Jaclyn but you don’t see her being mean to everyone. Of course, not sure she could even if she wanted to, but that’s neither here nor there.

Mr. Jay introduces photographer Jonathan Mannion. This is a covered in mud photo shoot and Jay decides to pit the blondes against the brunettes. Molly thinks this is a good because the blondes have all gotten best photos and the brunettes have not. (Molly looks like a surfer girl.) Kasia is a little nervous about body but she stays calm about it.

Blonde shot: Molly and Hannah in particular seem to work well together–it helps that they’re right on top of each other. Kasia and Alexandria are having a harder time at the ends. Kasia readjusts herself and it works. Alexandria again makes a comment about another girls’ position and Jay calls her out on it.

Brunette shot: Jaclyn gets a little too fierce. Jaclyn is told that she doesn’t have to try to hard since it’s already very creative. Monique can’t stay in “model mode.” Brittani meanwhile has no problem on the end to the point where one of her poses inspired the photographer to take a few individual shots. Well, if she doesn’t win this week…Mikaela was just lackluster.

Only seven will continue on…The girls realize they are about to hit the halfway point (in terms of elimination numbers not actual competition time). Mikaela really really really thinks and really really really hopes she did well. Kasia knows she had a rocky start but she thinks she worked it out.

Not loving Tyra’s jumpsuit thing though it doesn’t emphasize her figure. What is this about her wearing flats though? How un-Tyra-like. Sonia Dara the first South Asian to be featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Brunettes are called up first:
They work together well and Andre loves how he can’t tell them all apart. More editorial.
Jaclyn– despite her worries, the judges love her powerful picture, heavy hands but otherwise fine. Shows off the angles of her face.
Brittani– standout in the shot despite one of her legs looking amputeed, most modern
Mikaela– weakest link, no internal drama, sometimes she had the fire but not in the best group shot. Dead eyes.
Monique– gentle soft look in eyes but the body needs to be more relaxed. Tyra thinks she’s surfing a bit. just sailing in the middle. (Nigel thinks if she was removed from the picture it would look the same.)

The blond shot:
Great eye contact but less body language. Sonia wants to be blond now. More billboard.
Alexandria– a little pose-y, like she’s not quite involved but Tyra loves it despite her inconsistencies. (no mention of her misbehavior though.
Kasia– eyes called to her first, good energy.
Hannah– most beautiful picture of her so far. Hannah feels a little separate from the shot though. not a chameleon, photographs just as you see her.
Molly– gorgeous. Her left eye looks slightly small but otherwise great. Confidence is back (maybe because she doesn’t have to worry about holding up her weave).

The first name is from the strongest group shots’ winner: Brittani. Runner up is Kasia. As the names get cold, Monique’s mean faces increase in frequency. The girls are disappointed to find that Alexandria gets called in the middle (though the judges do take the time to pick apart her bad outfit.) Mikaela and Monique are called forward despite being in the winning picture. In the end, Mikaela is called forward and Monique is sent packing. (No one’s taking Alexandria’s spot as Queen of Mean!)


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