Design Star

It’s funny because I don’t generally like design shows. I’m not sure why, I just find that they tend to be boring until we finally see the big reveal at the end. But my friend turned me onto this competition show version of design shows and…instant win! You know how I love reality TV competitions. (Well, if you don’t, now you do.)

The most interesting thing about this show is that where most reality shows tend to wilt as it goes on, this one actually gets better as it ages. The idea of the show is that a group of interior designers compete to win their own show on the network.

Here’s what we have in the beginning:

  • Hosting challenges starting in the last few challenges
  • A British host who delivered challenge news and was sort of a go between for the judges and contestants at judging
  • America voting for the winner of the show (and thus who would be hosting their own show)

By the end:

  • Hosting challenges throughout (the lowest rated designers of the episode must present their rooms as part a sort of “host for their life”)
  • Clive Pearse was gone, with judge Vern Yip taking on some of his duties as host
  • The judges select the winner.

I think every one of these changes was smart. They all served to make the show more watchable and more intelligent. After all, they’re competing to host a show so hosting in the beginning makes sense. Not having the judges tell a separate host their thoughts to then have it repeated to the clients when they are sitting just there. And finally, the judges have a better grasp of what it takes to make a good show and be a good host than America does, so it makes sense to have them making the final decision. (I wouldn’t be surprised if they get some advice from the network too.)

I haven’t watched the winner’s shows to know if their shows are any good, but as long as they continue having Design Star, I’m not sure I care.


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