American Next Top Model: Cycle 16 Episode 4

The girls are surprised Alexandria got the top photo because of her diva behavior. At least, that’s what they say, but I think Kasia is just upset to not be doing better when she has more experience than so many others. Sarah is still having confidence issues. Interestingly, most girls who are more gangly and boyish usually do well on Top Model, but Sara hasn’t found a way to make it work. Alexandria tells the girls she plans to go to NY whether or not she wins the competition but Sarah can’t imagine leaving her family if she doesn’t have a contract. Well that’s not going to get your career very far if you aren’t willing to take some risks and go where the business is at.

Tyra Mail! “If you don’t watch your step, your career will go up in flames.” Jaclyn thinks they are going to a fire station. Not a terrible guess as far as they go. There is clearly a runway coming up.

The runway show will be Geoffrey Mac’s latest collection. He has designed for Lady Gaga. The runway will apparently be on fire which doesn’t seem dangerous at all…One more thing though, the girls’ hands will be on fire too. Dalya thinks she has the challenge in the bag and Hannah seems to agree.

Molly is finally getting her weave removed. Hannah worries about getting third degree burns. They will actually be wearing special gloves that will be lit on fire. How bad would it be if they fell or burned their dresses. Jay says if they fall they should “clap your hands to put out the fire and get the hell out.” The girls totally freak out when they see how much fire there is, not just under the stage but bursting up alongside it in pillars. Alexandria is up first and she looks a little magician’s assistant like. Brittani looks like she’s the crazy one in The Craft. Sara can’t manage to get her hands lit which ends up awkward. Kasia goes over the top in her attempt to be “extra sexy.” Monique reminds me of Olivia Wilde. Jay says the top three girls were Alexandria, Brittani, and Dalya, with the winner being Dalya. She wins two dresses from the collection.

The three weakest girls, Sara (sloppy lighting), Hannah (lacks presence), and Kasia (sexy face!), will be walking home. At first they’re upset but then they put on their heals and actually practice.

Tyra Mail! “Tomorrow it’s ok for you to cause a scene.” A script is delivered to the door so they can practice their lines for a commercial: Fierce Roast Coffee. Sara finds the over-sexification of the commercial uncomfortable.

I want to ask the girls what the deal with the pigtails it lately. Why are you trying to look like you’re five? The photographer/director is Francesco Carrzzinni. The girls are paired off as the two secretaries for the commercial in a Mad Men era office. Jaclyn gets a fake booty, Sara gets a fake chest.

Brittani and Alexandria are paired. Brittani doesn’t like coffee and gets teary-eyed when she has a tough time. Alexandria ends up trying to do everyone’s jobs and gets told to stop.

Kasia and Jaclyn are next. Jaclyn sounds a little ridiculous but Kasia does well.

Molly and Dalya are next and run through pretty fast.

Monique and Hannah go fine, then Mikaela and Sara have trouble. Sara couldn’t pick up the cup right or be sexy.

Time for the skull and crossbones mail to announcing judging panel. Tyra’s got her whip outfit on. (Lion tamer!)

Monique and Hannah are up first. Bravo, Nigel says at the end. Hannah comes off as the stronger of the two, one of the best of the night. Monique was a little reserved. Tyra wishes they were cheekier.

Jaclyn and Kasiaare solid. Tyra says it’s one of her favorite Top Model moment. Kasia milked every second.

Alexandria and Brittani felt that they lacked chemistry. Brittani’s body wasn’t there and her voice didn’t come off well. Alexandria held it together though. Tyra thought Brittani was drab while Alexandria was too sexy. Francesco says Alexandria was trying to direct which does not go over well.

Sara and Mikaeladon’t manage it. They’re awkward and uncomfortable. Mikaela lacks body awareness.

Molly and Dalya are last. Dalya’s movement didn’t work well. Molly was on and off. Tyra thinks her weave is almost there.

The winner is…Kasia. (Now you don’t have to be upset about others outshining you!) Runner up is Hannah. Bottom two are Alexandria and Sara. (Sara has already given up and says “One last walk.”) Ultimately, the girl who must go upstairs and pack her bags is…Alexandria. “Confidence wins.” Tyra warns her that her attitude better pick up or she’s going home. Tyra tells Sara she’s mad at her.


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