Sons of Tucson

On my ever continuing quest to catch up on random TV shows that I have missed over the years, I came across the show Sons of Tucson. It was a short-lived show, about three boys who need a father figure to stand in for their dad in prison and hire Ron, a deadbeat, to play the role. It’s unfortunate that this show was cancelled so early on (after four episodes, the rest were burned off over the summer) because it was actually pretty good (certainly compared to some of the other comedies that premiered this year).

The main thing this show was missing was some consistency. The only consistent characters were Ron and the three Gundersons but the supporting characters were lacking. From one episode to the next the characters interacted with different people who were never seen again (or at least not for a while). There was no consistent setting (was it about them in school, at home, at work?). And most of all, it took some time to really find its tone. It was when the show was about Ron and the kids’ feelings that they needed and cared for each other, that it was at its strongest.

The only reason I am not sorry to see this show go is that I am enjoying Mad Love, which Labine stars in. Otherwise, I would have liked to see this show go further. With a few more episodes, I think it could have been solid.


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