Breakout Kings

After two episodes of this show, I still don’t know if I like it. The premise: A group of convicts (specifically, current prisoners who have broken out of jail at one time or another) are brought together to help catch other escaped convicts. For every person they help catch, they get one month taken off their sentence. They are also allowed to stay in a minimum security prison instead of maximum security. (However, if they do something illegal or try to escape, they will be sent back to maximum security with a doubled sentence.)

The show is something like Leverage combined with the standard cop show. So far, the thing I am missing most from the show is the actual personality and stories of the cast. Sure, we get an idea of their strengths, but we haven’t gotten a good idea of who they are. The only ones who we have really gotten to know at all are Erica, who was brought in after the pilot to replace the previous female lead Philly, and Lowery. We get to know that Erica killed 5 of the 6 men who killed her father and has a daughter she loves. Lowery is a genius who is not the best socially, is trying to redeem himself (specifically, think about other people).

The other storyline we have are the two US Marshals running the group (which is actually one Marshal and a convicted Marshal caught stealing money to pay for his daughter’s car). Charlie is the tough guy running the group while Ray is the one trying to earn back his badge (he came up with the idea for the convict group). Their leading styles are completely different, leading to a lot of tension between them.

I’m hoping that all the show needs is a couple of episodes to find its voice. Once we delve further into the characters, it has the potential to be a solid show.


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