ANTM: Cycle 16 Episode 3

There is a mysterious rope hanging in the girls’ house that says “Pull Me” which they do, to discover a list of makeovers. The catch? None of the makeovers are labeled so they have to guess who each one matches. Surprisingly, Sarah worries that she will be getting a manly makeover because even though androgynous is part of her identity, she wants the chance to be feminine. Dominique admits that her negative reviews have been hurting her confidence and she hopes the makeovers can help her. Monique just really likes her hair. Jacqueline doesn’t want to be blonde.

Ms. J’s hair is so crazy that he isn’t comforting the girls in any way about their coming makeovers. They will get their hair and makeup done and then take a picture right away,

Brittani gets short, black with bangs. She takes the haircut well and is glad to go from Plain Jane to whatever they make her–so she’s the short Dutch boy.

Jaclyn is nervous as she gets big girlie and curly. Ms. J tells her once she leaves the chair there’s a razor waiting. She says okay, but following with the theme of tricking the models, he was just kidding. This was more touch up than makeover.

Monique gets extensions for a few gentle waves, which means she loves her life.

All Sarah wants is a weave but she gets the manly short spikes that she expected. The look does suit her better.

Alexandria gets a root touch up and wavy long hair. She starts freaking out and starts complaining about it. She starts crying (dude, your hair is basically the same!) but once they are done she is fine.

Dominique gets her hair and eyebrows dyed red. She starts crying because she doesn’t like it. At least at first, but once they finish she’s happy. It helps with her freckles. (Though her face looks like she’s got a bad smell.)

Molly is getting a weave that apparently required an extra special specialist. They created a special weave for her but she, like Alexandria starts freaking out. Sure enough, it doesn’t go well and they need to figure out what to do with it. Jay gives her a pep talk that it was Tyra’s vision and she should impress her, but no one likes it and she is pissed off.

Mikaela gets super long, straight hair (Pocahontas style) which she is thrilled with.

Kasia gets wild-crazy crimped hair, which she loves because it fits her personality.

Dalya gets a weave–another long, black, straight do.

Hannah gets highlights and lightened eyebrows. It’s just a little bigger and cleaner.

Alexandria tries to tell Molly she shouldn’t have let them do it when she saw it was looking weird. Tyra mail says they will be learning about photosynthesis. Sarah’s disappointed about her short hair because she has nothing to hide behind. She is intimidated by the other girls.

They arrive at a ranch to be photographed for Pamela Hanson. Lori Goldstein will style them. Today is all about couture. They will be posing in groups but trying to beat the other girl in the photograph.

Kasia and Molly are paired for shoot number one. At first the pictures were awkward and they couldn’t work together. Molly dominated the picture but Jay was sure they got the shot.

Alexandria was worrying about a pimple on her lip for the picture she was taking with Monique. Monique ends up pouty for the picture and Alexandria wants her to look like a doe. But being a stuck up snob, Monique things she knows better.

Sarah and Mikaela are paired and have no chemistry. Jay tells Sarah to stop analyzing.

Brittani and Hannah shoot together. Brittani has a tough time at first, but they work together well and finally get it.

Dominique , Dalya, and Jaclyn get stuck together but Dominique was the weakest link. Goodbye. She’s not thinking at all, which is the problem.

The girls are afraid of Alexandria, especially Jaclyn. But it’s okay, she knows she’s scary.

Only 10 will be continue on in the hope of becoming America’s Next Top Model:
Tyra looking her best this season…good haircut, cute clothes, well, they had to get it right eventually.

  • Monique and Alexandria are up first and their picture is considered evenly stunning. Nigel radiates toward Alexandria but she is warned that her diva behavior can hurt her career.
  • Brittani and Hannah are next. Also gorgeous. Hannah’s broken body is solid fashion. Brittani gave glossy glamour.
  • Dalya, Jaclyn, and Dominique’s picture has a sort of Alice in Wonderland feel. But Dominique doesn’t quit fit in.
  • Mikaela and Sarah are next. Mikaela’s eyes are closed throughout but Sarah’s is pretty good.
  • Lastly, Kasia and Molly. If Molly sticks around they will fix her hair (but if not she’s doomed to that mess?). Both get generally good reviews and even earn the stylists’ favorite picture.

So, best picture goes to Alexandria (much to the other girls’ chagrin). She also gets a warning about her attitude. Next is Molly, bad weave and all. They will be redoing her hair. In the bottom two is…all the non-blondes. The bottom is Dominique and Sarah. Ultimately, Sarah gets called and Dominique is, not surprisingly, sent packing.


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