Gossip Girl vs The Good Wife: The Takeover Battle

For weeks now, both Gossip Girl and The Good Wife have had a major story line involving the takeover of a company.

In Gossip Girl, the company in question was Bass Industries, chuck was concerned with his father’s legacy remaining intact. Ian Thorpe and Chuck battled it out for control of the empire with many a scheme and trick. Ian made Chuck think a successful party might convince him to keep the company together then sent Nate’s dad a memo saying he would take it apart no matter what. Ian then convinced Chuck to get rid of Lily, Chuck did so (losing Raina in the process) only to find out that once again that didn’t matter. Chuck snuck into the Thorpe office, learned who his financial backer was, and stole him. Lily then pretended to be on Ian’s side to throw him off guard. Ian then attempted to blackmail Lily and Chuck showed Raina what a scum her father was. Lily turned herself in and Bass Industry won.

In The Good Wife, the battle was for control of the firm. Derrick Bond came in to bail the firm out of financial ruin and then attempted to make a play for control by winning Will onto his side. Diane noticed that she was being marginalized and attempted to start her own firm. Will and Diane finally realized they were being used by Bond and worked together to turn some votes and regain control of the firm by ousting him. Ultimately, our original twosome won.

For weeks now, EW has been complaining about the Gossip Girl battle because it was dull (to quote: “Business deals are boring enough but fake business stuff is even worse”). In the case of Gossip Girl, I am inclined to agree. I am not sure what it was about the story that never quite worked (maybe it’s just that everyone talks in this weird smarmy way and always smirks, making their deviousness too obvious?). Meanwhile, when it comes to The Good Wife, this storyline was actually interesting. In the most recent episode in particular, as the showdown came to a head, things got extra heightened when we weren’t sure if our team of Lockhart-Gardner would make it. And what if Will had been lying all this time? (It isn’t entirely unlikely…) My conclusion is that it is not the story but the execution that makes a business deal boring or interesting. In a way, Gossip Girl lacked its classic scamming and simply had too much of Chuck acting desperate and therefore continuously being swindled, which we all know is not where he’s best. Diane meanwhile, struck back without ever seeming really desperate.


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