American Next Top Model: Cycle 16 Episode 2

Molly’s picture is up and she is thrilled. She particularly liked the judges’ quotes added to the side. Meanwhile Nicole worries about the fact that she looks older in her pictures. Ondrei reveals that two of her brothers died (one was murdered one was in a car crash) and the others worry about how she is handling it.

Just as Dominique, the loud obnoxious girl, shows off her awful diet, Tyra walks in with her nutritionist to teach the models how to eat. The nutritionist has invented “cheaties,” things that seem bad but that you can actually eat and be okay. They test the girls on what is healthier–spaghetti and meatballs is better than eggplant parmesan, peanut butter on a wheat waffle is better than cream cheese on a whet bagel…Cheatie is not for every day but for special indulgence occasions. Monique has experienced being told to lose weight so she appreciates the talk.

Monique freaks out about raw chicken in the fridge marinating. Alexandria gets pissed. That is how you do it, fyi. Dalya and Alexandria get into a fight about it and Dalya walks out because she is too sick of confrontation (apparently she fights with her mother a lot). Jaclyn is afraid to be whooped by Alexandria and stays out of it. Naturally the girls go to their respective rooms and gossip about each other.

The girls are taken for some acting lessons to learn to confront their inner critic. Monique’s biggest personal issues are her wait. The girls are then given the task of drawing their inner critic. I haven’t the slightest clue what I would draw. Nicole has a little person inside her telling her she isn’t good enough. They must then bring up their pictures and confront their critic to make it go away. Molly’s issues are that her mother gave her up for adoption. Jaclyn is concerned with her baby face and her high pitched voice. Ondrei confronts her sorrow for losing her brothers (which sad but not actually a critic). The girls feel that the exercise was cathartic and they each receive a pair of earrings from some company. Nigel finished it up with a group hug which was unexpected. (Where is Jay?)

For the photoshoot, they will be surrounded by bees to get a beauty shot! Specifically, wearing something that will attract bees. Jaclyn is allergic to bees and is therefore concerned. Their ears and nose will be plugged so they won’t go in. (Monique thought Hannah was pathetic for getting upset and crying but Jay thought she looked beautiful.) I’ll be honest, I’m impressed by how calm they are during the shoot because bees totally freak me out. Ondrei is having a hard time handling all the pressure while coping with losing her brothers. (Monique is unsympathetic, she just wants her to go. Ok, Monique has become the new mean girl. Forget Dominique. Is it weird that their names are so similar?)

Judging time!

  • Ondrei is first. She looks stunning but she admits having a hard time during the competition. She doesn’t feel right about being at the competition and wants to go home. They tell her good luck but the judges warn the other girls that if her photo wasn’t the worst photo, someone will still be going home.
  • Kasia is overstyled and is asked to downsizes her outfit. She is barely plus-sized (which is to say it is hardly noticeable, even in this house of models). Her picture is interesting. Ondrei’s eyes are strong but fearful in her picture which we only see later.
  • Mikaela is told she looks fantastic and her photo is striking (her eyebrows are so weird to me). Tyra says the rest of her film was filled with deadeyes.
  • Dominique is told her photo is elegant, so a definite step up. Unfortunately the rest of her film was not. But as long as there is THE shot.
  • Brittani’s is strong and interesting. Tyra LOVES THIS PICTURE GIRL.
  • Jaclyn is looking cute like a model on a go see. Her profile is beautiful though the hands are a bit awk.
  • Dalya’s picture with her eyes closed because she looked scared in every show with her eyes open.
  • Alexandria’s is striking. It’s bam, full on. She needs more intensity in her eyes though.
  • Sarah’s picture lacks impact.
  • Molly looks like a full on warrior but she needs to stretch out her neck. Nigel didn’t think it was powerful enough.
  • Nicole still looks older but more beautiful in her picture. She needs more than “soften your bones” for advice.
  • Hannah’s neck and hands are gorgeous and elegance. It is stunning, even the tears.
  • Monique’s is strong, evil, and fabulous.

The best photo this week goes to Hannah. Brittani is the runner up. Slowly the girls’ names are called and we still don’t know if someone is going home. Nicole and Dalya step forward. (Dalya starts crying.) Is Ondrei’s photo the worst or not? It is not the worst, so only one of the girls gets to stay. Dalya. Nicole, will you please go back to the model house and pack your things.


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