Hellcats: So, is that your band or something?

The Hellcats are using a UNIQUE song for their routine (some local band that Alice chatted up), which is supposed to make this routine more awesome than the other billion we have seen them practicing. (I know this is a cheerleading show, but can’t we open the episode differently sometimes? Make It Or Break It doesn’t open every episode with the girls working on a routine.) Dan shows up to tell Savannah he got into Lancer, (there’s a cute awkward moment where Marti thinks he came for her) he didn’t tell anyone he applied just in case he got in. He says he’s actually applying to the film school which requires additional essays and applications. If he doesn’t get in, he can just become a Hellcat, she can just get him on the squad right. Savannah looks terrified and he tells her he is joking. Don’t joke about cheerleading it gives her a nervous stomach.

Marti goes home to hear Travis playing something about Born on Halloween which he expects her to recognize. It is one of her dad’s. Marti insists he keep playing, she didn’t know he wrote songs. Whoops, her mom gave it to him but never told Marti!

Savannah takes a detour with Alice to get Dan some nice film books from her house because he can’t afford nice books. (Apparently he expects technology to fail so paper books are important because she dismisses Alice’s idea of him getting his information online.) Charlotte comes in with an ultrasound picture. She seems much more chipper than we have seen her in a while. Charlotte’s team just found out they got into Nationals because another team got kicked out. What’s particularly bad is that the song Alice just scored is the one they are using too. So naturally Alice barges in and accuses Nasty Kathy of stealing it. They throw some insults back and forth, Savannah tries to calm everyone down. In her anger, Kathy says that Charlotte got pregnant by Savannah’s ex. Which Savannah did not know. Even Alice realized it was not the time to be involved. Charlotte liked Noah since forever and he was sad that Savannah rejected him. They fell in love and are planning to get married. Wow, that’s a lot of a secret not to tell your sister. Their mom thinks it is the best think for Charlotte and the baby but when Savannah asks if charlotte agrees you can hear the hesitation in her voice. She’s trying to convince herself to do it.

Vanessa tells Red about the cheerleading drama. (Alice plans to “flash a little cleavage and straighten the whole thing out.”) The athletic department is still looking for a director. Wanda comes in to be uncomfortably awkward, saying how sorry she is about the wedding being cancelled and how she watered down Red’s whiskey because he might have to “suit up” later. Vanessa doesn’t want to be “that woman,” the slut who gets with someone right after breaking off her engagement because there is a double standard. Red doesn’t want her to find something new to keep them apart but she leaves.

Marti is at home when her mother gets back. Travis is giving them some “breathing room” so Marti can find out why he knows things about her dad that she doesn’t. Wanda tries to change the subject but Marti isn’t having it. Wanda says talking to Travis is like talking to herself because he doesn’t care about it. Wanda says she is doing the best for Marti so if she doesn’t want to talk about it, it is for Marti’s best. Marti isn’t having it so Wanda tries to lay on the guilt (“did you ever think how I feel?”) and say her father was a bad guy. When that doesn’t work she decides to go to a movie to give Marti a chance to calm down. Like that’s going to work.

Louis and Alice show up to a bar and Alice goes to the bathroom when Nasty Kathy shows up. She can’t get the barkeep’s attention so Louis helps her. She looks familiar but can’t place her and they are actually kind of cute together. When he brings up how well the song goes for cheerleading they make the connection when Alice returns to be nastier than Nasty Kathy. They approach the band and argue and the band will compete to win the song.

Savannah is out with Noah when she gets Alice’s call and gets ignore. “So you went to talk to my sister about me and you slept with her,” Savannah summarizes. She wants to know if he loves her but he loves Savannah, even he offered to marry Charlotte. He thinks this is his last chance to tell her how he feels. She is going to be his sister in law in three months. She’s sorry for giving him false hope but it is never going to happen. He wants her to tell him to marry Charlotte and he will. She says this is his responsibility not hers, he got himself into this mess. She says goodbye and leaves. (This is actually Savannah at her smartest and best.)

Marti and Dan discuss his film submission–it should be a trailer to show off his taping skills. So horror probably since those are cheapest. She agrees to be in it in exchanged for a gory blood-soaked death. She wants to see her intestines. Marti ignores a call from Alice to tell Dan about her Wanda and dad issues. Dan says when she wants to accomplish something she goes after it (duh, look at Travis). So why didn’t she push harder for this? She was in 8th grade and asked why they split and she didn’t want to talk about it. She kept pushing and then Wanda became a crazy wild drunk for at least a week. (Oh.) It hurts that Wanda is telling Travis everything so quickly. Savannah calls Dan for Marti to get the song.

The squad arrives to compete, Charlotte’s school first. (You’d think they would just think the Hellcats are hotter because they show more skin and give it to them. The band doesn’t seem any smarter than that.) The smarter band member seems to be getting bored by the competition (the two routines are extremely similar–wasn’t that the whole reasons for Marti?). Sure enough one guy is asleep and the other is flirting with girls. Louis tells them off and the Hellcats decide they don’t want it. Nasty Kathy agrees they want to beat the Hellcats for real, not because they pissed off some townies. The band’s reply “you might want to rephrase that little girl” so Alice does: “intoxicated farm animals.” He spits at them and they tell him to wipe it up, which surprisingly he does (I’m not sure why he would).

Louis approaches Kathy and she gives him her number. (Despite the nickname, I’m actually really liking her.) Naturally alice is watching this in the shadows.

Marti and Dan arrive to find Savannah and Charlotte in a cat fight because Charlotte things Savannah is telling lies about her fiance. Charlotte storms off.

Vanessa is on her office when Red comes with coffee. He apologizes for pushing. She shouldn’t worry about people gossiping, it isn’t her real issue. She’s worried about the shame. She hurt Derrick so much and she felt evil. What if they had never met? Would he still be with Emily? Not a chance, it wasn’t right. There wasn’t that “cosmic pull.” (Their story is sort of a twist on the all too common Teacher-Student story.) With Derrick too there was no cosmic pull. (Could have fooled us when we first met them.) They make out, she takes off her sweater, and Alice shows up to show her some new music choices.

Savannah’s mother is waiting for her when she gets out of practice. Charlotte broke off the engagement. Her mother agrees it is for the best. She wants to thank Savannah for having the courage to tell Charlotte what she couldn’t. She thought the marriage was doomed (it would have been two children playing house with a real baby). Her mother is too tired to be mad. They thought it would be easier as they got older, but it never does. She is still worried but has less control. So Charlotte will stay home for now. Savannah is the strong one and will be around to help.

Martiis doing something with boxes. Looking for things of her dad’s? In comes Wanda and Travis. What’s going on in here? Ah, Marti has gotten her father’s things out. Wanda doesn’t want to talk so Marti just takes his briefcase and leaves. Travis says he’s going back to prison because it is safer there.

Marti stares longingly at the case and opens it to sees a sign that says “Unemployed musicians retirement fund, please give generously. Wife and child at home.” There are also pictures of a younger Wanda and Marti. A bunch of guitar picks which naturally Marti has to use right away. She puts on a hat (his hat?) and plays his music.

There was nothing earth shattering about this episode. Nothing really changed (except Vanessa and Red), but for some reason I found myself really liking everyone’s characters and performances. Nasty Kathy was sweet with Louis, Alice stood up for her in a rare moment of solidarity, Savannah stepped up plus had a bonding moment with her mom, we got to see the issues Marti always talked about having with Wanda that we barely saw before…I’m a fan of Louis and Kathy. I kind of wish the Charlotte-Noah-Savannah story took more time to play out, but all in all, I’m a real fan of this episode.

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  1. Monica Says:

    Wow, great recap; it’s long, but good. I’m glad to see someone like this episode as much as I did even though it didn’t change much of the long term plot.

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