Off the Map

Not everyone was particularly pleased with this show when it first aired. Some people felt it was too similar to Grey’s. Other people just felt like it didn’t hit the right tone. Personally I was fine with the pilot. It wasn’t groundbreaking but it was enjoyable. Now, seven minutes in, I think the show has really hit its stride.

Like with Grey’s, I find the “main character” (the gifted doctor with a sad past) to be the blandest and least interesting of all the characters. It feels like there is something missing with her, which may be that 95% of her stories seem to always involve romance. I like romance in shows, but I don’t like when that’s all there is with a character. Mina, by contrast, who I didn’t particularly care about at first, has really developed. She tries to be so tough but we’ve seen a more compassionate, caring person underneath who cares fiercely about her patients and being a good doctor. (She also seems to bond well with Otis in a non-romantic way that has been particularly solid.) Ryan also grew on me, since we have gotten to know more about her missionary upbringing and a condition that no one knows about. Otis, it turns out, had/has a drug problem. Zee is still neither here nor there. Keeton, like Lily, is pretty dull and mostly is just sad. Tommy has also become more than just a girl-chaser. He has a nice side (channeling some Matt from FNL?), but he still has a way to go before he is really great.

For people who were willing to just let it go before, it’s worth giving a second chance.


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