Mad Love

This new comedy by CBS follows four New Yorkers looking for love in New York City. Kate Swanson, played by Scrubs actress Sarah Chalke, is best friends with Connie (Judy Greer) and falls for Ben (Jason Biggs) who is best friends with Larry (Tyler Labine). Connie and Larry, meanwhile, absolutely can’t stand each other.

There is something about this show that I am finding incredibly enjoyable. It isn’t that the writing or jokes are amazing, because they aren’t. It certainly isn’t a unique or groundbreaking theme. It’s the extremely talented cast:

  • Jason Biggs is a lot like Ted from How I Met Your Mother–lovable, accident prone, not the most interesting of all the characters but the show’s center. Not quite as good, but perhaps only because he has come second.
  • Tyler Labine feels like a Jack Black character–obnoxious, ridiculous, but less disgusting and oddly enjoyable.
  • Judy Greer’s Connie reminds me of Beth from Newradio–sarcastic, indifferent, but also competitive and a little more responsible.
  • Sarah Chalke as Kate is not very different from her character on Scrubs but that’s okay, I like the kind of clumsy, goofy, sweetly fun personality.

My one other complaint of the show is the voiceover (told by Larry) because it doesn’t serve any purpose. It doesn’t move the plot forward, frame the episode cleverly, or reveal something new.

So far ratings are pretty solid and I am hoping the writing will pick up. Comedy pilots (and even their first few episodes) tend to be weaker than the series as a whole (partially because of the in jokes that take time to develop). I have high hopes for this series.


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