New British show Bedlam is about an apartment building that used to be an insane asylum and the ghost sightings and strange events that take place there.

Jed Harper is the male Melinda Gordon, with the ability to see ghosts. He interacts most with his cousin Kate, her friend Molly, and fellow resident Ryan. The apartment building is owned by Kate’s father and when it was an insane asylum, it was run by her grandfather who was rumored to treat his patients poorly. (Patients mysteriously disappeared or died unexpectedly.) Like Melinda, Jed can see how a ghost died by touching objects related to them or if the ghost shows it to him. Ghosts are quite powerful in this show, able to relocate people, move objects around, make water drip down the walls, etc.

At first the show seemed to be a basic procedural–someone is being haunted, Jed has to find out who the ghost is and why they are doing the haunting before the person is killed, and Jed must help them move on. But it turns out there is much more going on. The asylum has a rather sordid past and Jed learns that he has a much closer connection to the asylum than he first thought.

I am excited to see where the mythology of this show goes but I am hoping for a bit more personality from the group. Mostly I’ve seen that Kate is sort of a slut and has a nasty shriek and Jed is constantly saving people. Plus Kate’s dad is super shady. Ryan figures out Jed’s ability, which Molly and Kate know about but don’t believe. You know that won’t last.


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