Hellcats: Aww, tear.

This opening random dance is perhaps more confounding than any we have seen yet. First there is the guy flipping in from another room, then there’s the very illegal booty shaking, then there’s the coaching dancing with her fiancé, which is just randomly strange. And who is Gretchen? I could pretend to care that the fiancé is being deployed for a year, but he’s more filler than anything else. He wants to get married asap so she can be “taken care of” if something happens. No pressure when he lays it on thick with “When I go I want to know that I am married to the person I love, I don’t want any regrets.”

Travis is apparently live at Marty’s Mom’s house. In return, she wants Marty to sing for someone’s wedding. Marty is opposed because Dan will be best man at the wedding. Dan will only be in town for the weekend. Because he is going…? More laying it on thick with “Dan’s daddy asked especially for you, it would break his heart if you didn’t.” She is ambushed by Dan’s dad so she ultimately gives in.

Marty talks to Savannah about Dan leaving. Marty thinks Dan hates him, Savannah doesn’t think that is the issue. Marty doesn’t want Savannah hurt so she offers to back out. Savannah wants to know if Marty has feelings for Dan. Marty says no, it’s confusing, well…maybe. And Savannah? Yes. She wishes she could tell him though. They decide to settle this by having Dan decide. It will be an emotional exploratory. (I kind of love that phrase.) Marty just has to get Savannah an invitation to the wedding. Just to be clear: in no way is this emotional exploratory a competition. (Savannah’s just getting her hair done special.)

Alice, Louis, and a football player talk about Jake being gone. This is the guy who circulated Alice’s pictures. Jake wonders why Alice has not come to visit. Alice says they’re through and she doesn’t want to give false hope. It’s tough Alice time and she will not reveal her true issues. A brother once in jail?

Wedding emergency number one—baby’s breath is WHITE!?!? The bride’s father sent her mother white roses when he was cheating on her. Dan, with a new, scruffier haircut, learns that Marty is coming to the wedding. Wanda tries to talk up Marty, Dan is having none of it. (Last time she meddled…all hell broke lose.) Dan wants to know about Savannah since he hurt her real bad. Does Wanda detect a hitch in her plans?

Vanessa is drowning her sorrows at the bar—I mean celebrating her wedding—when Red shows up. The wedding, FYI, is tomorrow. She tries to talk herself into the wedding being a good idea. She won’t throw this relationship away on a whim. Red being the whim. Red wonders if she would be happy about the wedding if the situation were reversed.

The wedding. It is hardly equal footing with Marty in a hot dress and Savannah in waitress clothes. But Dan in a suit is one sight we never expected. Dan spots Savannah as they get a pseudo pep talk about not messing up. Savannah clearly had the same thought I did, she brought a change of clothes for equal footing. (I do like Aly’s voice better than Ashley’s but I’m surprised Ashley Tisdale gets less song time.)

Travis waits on Alice and thanks her for convincing Alice to confess and helping him get out of jail. If she ever needs anything… She asks him to sit with her for a bit. She thinks Jake doesn’t deserve visitors after what he did but Travis says as much as he wants Jake to suffer, he thinks even Jake needs some support. He owes her so much that he won’t lie to her because that was probably not the answer she wanted. Well, how can she not go now? (Let’s be honest, he has visitors, it doesn’t have to be Alice.)

Daniel compliments Marty on her set. So he is willing to talk to her, that’s a step. Their parents are dating so they joke about becoming stepsiblings. Awkward. Dan wants to apologize for leaving abruptly. No you don’t owe me an apology, yes I do, no you don’t…Marty’s been thinking—“Mushroom puffs?” Savannah interrupts. But they are interrupted by the best surprise of all: a new girlfriend! She looks too old for him. And she’s a do-gooder. Well, at least Marty and Savannah can bond over something. Well, at least Savannah saved Marty from saying something stupid. Savannah appreciates the honesty of Marty says she doesn’t know how she feels. Marty thinks she and Dan work as friends, that’s all she wants. Savannah isn’t ready to be counted out yet. What about cute firefighter guy? She pays a guy $50 to distract her. Savannah takes the opportunity to talk to Dan. She remembers everyone’s names and stories. Impressive. But the thing she doesn’t anticipate, the guy gets sick of the girlfriend’s talking and spills that he was paid to talk to her. So she reveals Savannah’s plot in front of the family. Awkward.

Dan talks to his father about his issues with both girls. He thinks Marty is a bad fit. They are both train wrecks. He needs someone to call him on his crap, someone who makes him better. Savannah did that. (An interesting talk considering what Savannah just did.)

Vanessa agonizes over lame dresses. Will Vanessa change her name? She hadn’t thought about it. When it comes time to sign she can’t. He thinks its nerves but she says she thought she would have more time to be sure “about us.” Ouch. Is it Red? He takes it well. Calm with a wish for the best for them.

Savannah is embarrassed, is there something wrong with her for still wanting Dan? Marty assures her she is just a wonderful person. At least they didn’t ruin their friendships.

Marty goes to talk to Dan about how he should be with Savannah. He agrees they are best at being friends.

Alice does go to visit Jake in the sketchiest looking room ever. It looks like a warehouse crossed with an interrogation room. She’s sorry he’s in jail. She lied to him about believing in god to get him to confess and save the hellcats. He says she is not to blame. He is sleeping better now that he has done the right thing. He hopes she will come back to visit. This is the first time he’s kind of a sweet, endearing character. (I’m a little disappointed but not surprised that all the stuff Alice said was a lie. It rally gave her depth.)

Dan finds Savannah and she apologizes for crashing the party. He tries to find a way to apologize for all that he has done. Sorry is a good place to start. He thought about how he missed her but she wants to know why he didn’t call, why he hooked up with the do-gooder. He didn’t think she would forgive him. She does. He has to break up with Vicky right now. They dance, they kiss, Marty looks on sadly as she sings a song too sad for a wedding.


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