Everyone (meaning my siblings) said this comedy was great, I should give it a second chance, it got better a few episodes in…So finally I agreed to look into it a second time and to tell you the truth, I’m torn.

On the one hand, it definitely had some of funny moments, but on the other it still felt as aimless and over the top as ever. The show is about a bunch of misfits that form a study group at their community college and become unlikely friends. Jeff, the ringleader, is a narcissistic pseudo lawyer (which is to say he faked a diploma to practice and got caught) who ended up at the college to get an actual degree. Britta, the “mother” of the group, is the ultra-feminist girl who tries too hard to promote causes and be politically correct, often leading to embarrassing misunderstandings. Shirley is an actual mother who is extremely Christian. Troy was the popular football star in high school who is a kid at heart. Annie is the perfect student whose promising future got thrown off-track due to a nervous breakdown (she had a crush on Troy in high school). Abed lives in his own world, sees things through the lens of TV and movies, and is trying to avoid working in his father’s restaurant. Finally, Pierce is a racist, misogynist old man who constantly insults people but generally does not understand why people get upset. (To later join the group is Senor Chang, their once-Spanish teacher who also got caught faking his degree. (A running subplot is the dean’s desperate attempt to make the community college as “hip” as a regular college.)

Britta began as the obvious love interest for Jeff though Annie ultimately became another one. It sort of creeped me out to be honest, she’s not even twenty, he’s mid-thirties, he’s smarmy, she’s straight-laced innocence, it just feels like he’s taking advantage of her.

Pierce’s character in particular really frustrates me. There is so little redeeming him and so much that makes me hate him.

The show’s strength lies more in its strange but unique group dynamics (such as the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons episode) that the individual story lines.

At this point, Community is on by Back-Up Watch List (you know, the shows you start watching just because you have no other shows to watch). What do you think? Am I undervaluing the show?


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