Hellcats: We were just flying ignorami, for sobbing out loud.

I missed recapping the last few episodes, so I am going to sum it all up.

Savannah has finally gotten her sister to come clean to her mother about being pregnant. Initially, her mother blames Savannah for her pregnancy, but when they confront her with how scary a mother she is, eventually she comes to realize that she needs to be supportive not angry.

In the surprising and very serious (and totally un-cheerleader-like) plot line, Marty and Alice end up teaming up to try and free her convict friend (in order to have something to hold against the athletics director for being so awful to the cheerleaders) but when Alice discovers that Jake was the one to have actually committed the crime, she is not sure if she can turn him in and get him sent to jail. Also a problem is that if all the money is pulled from donors to the sports department, the Hellcats will lose their scholarships. Despite this, the cheerleaders all agree to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Jake eventually confesses and the athletic director is forced to resign. Jake goes to a cushy jail and Marty’s convict friend is freed. (Dan meanwhile does not come to her in her time of need so whatever, we’re so over him.)

We finally meet Alice’s father and come to understand why cheerleading is such a big deal to her. Her father is awful and only pays attention to her cheerleading because it is as close as she can come to her brother’s football. But then again, he only watches her when her brother is not playing. Alice actually stands up for Marty and proves she may not be as terrible a person as we thought. (So she’s like MIOBI’s Lauren for real now, we just have to learn more about her mom.)


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