Traffic Light

The latest in comedies following three couples with very different relationships. (Well, two and a half couples really, but more on that in a moment.) Officially, it’s about three best friends in different stages of their life, but let’s be honest the only significant differences in their lives are their significant others. This show comes from Israel (!) in the latest line of imported shows.

There’s Ethan, the ever-single bachelor, pours more love into his bulldog Carl than any girl he’s ever dated. Adam has just moved in with his girlfriend and doesn’t yet realize how living with her will change things. Mike the one-time jock is married with a son. We’ve only gotten a few moments with the girlfriends/wives, so they’re not as important as in other series, which is good because it sets this series apart from the other three couple relationships shows out there.

To be honest, I’m surprised with this show. Considering how much time is spent in the car or on the phone, it actually works pretty well (whereas the time spent on the phone in Secret Life of the American Teenager feels tedious and painful). Partially, it is because while they spend a lot of time on the phone, it isn’t just a bunch of shots of them holding a phone to their ear and sitting still as they talk. We have the time where the guys are all on the line when one is pulled over and the cop gets involved in the conference call and the time when Mike avoids talking to the guys when his wife is in the car and she realizes it.

For now, the show feels like though not perfect, it worked. I will be keeping it on my watch list for the time being.


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