Perfect Couples

The other three couple comedy that feels like a lesser version of Better With You. This show is a discussion of what makes the perfect couple, the normal, loving pair, the overly agreeable, overly loving pair, or the ever-fighting, ever over-the-top pair. The problem is that none of the characters are fun to watch or relatable (not even the “normal, relatable” couple).

Mostly, I found this show grating. There was no one I could root for. I think the problem is that each character is over the top and lacking nuance. The actual scenes are too short (in the way that Better With You’s scenes were too short but finally lengthened as it hit its stride) and the jokes are repeated.

After disliking the first episode, I was willing to give it a second shot, but episode two was no better. It was quickly removed from my tv schedule and, from what I hear, will likely be canceled.


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