Live to Dance: Finale

Now that Paula-fest is coming to a close, we have a chance to look back and wonder how successful this show was. The ratings, were pretty small and I will be surprised if it gets picked up for another season (maybe they will consider it in the summer, but then it would have to go up against SYTYCD). For me, the biggest faults were its obsession with Paula (The X Factor seems to be on the same path with Simon, as is evidence by its promo during the Super Bowl) and its inability to define what the competition was really about. It claimed to be looking for the “Best Dance Act in America” but it was more like the “Dance Act that Loved to Dance the Most and Listened to Whatever Paula Said.” It also doesn’t help that the special effects going on behind the dancers are so overdone it’s distracting (and for soloists, overwhelming).

While I approve of the idea of the acts having a mentor to help them finesse their acts, I think having Paula do it was a mistake. How can a judge be impartial when she is a part of the performance? Her comments almost always revolved around how much or little the contestants listened to her words of advice. (Notice that generally speaking, Tim Gunn does not judge but only advises.)

We get an opening number performances with all of the finalists and like Travis before, the choreographer (What?!? It was Paula?!?!) seemed not to know what to do with our ballet duo, White Tree Fine Art. I love how Paula says that this was the first time she worked with them they weren’t competing because…they weren’t competing. This performance has no bearing on whether or not they win. Way to state the obvious.

To drag the episode out, we cut the top six down to three. In no particular order, the first act “safe” is…White Tree Fine Art. Second is…D’Angelo and Amanda. Third and the final act “safe” is…Kendal Glover (no love for the group acts then?). For the duration of this performance I have complained about the number of children in this show being at a disadvantage because of their lack of experience. However, there is also an advantage, as Kendal and D’Angelo and Amanda show. They are good enough that they are almost or equally as good as a talented performer ten years older than them, which is even more amazing to people and therefore wins them “bonus points.” And they’re cute!

D’Angelo and Amanda perform one last time and Paula calls them technical geniuses. And she wants bobbleheads of them. Kimberly likes their consistency and flawlessness and fun and connection. Travis apparently had nothing to say.

We take out a moment to give Chai Town’s Breakers a car and then return to the finalists to watch White Tree Fine Art dance to Halleluyah. Nice choice of song. Kimberly feels like they’ve already won. Travis says America got it right when they overruled him. now he’s a fan.

Next comes Kendall’s performance. She’s everybody’s everything apparently.

In third place is…White Tree Fine Art.

And the winner is D’ANGELO AND AMANDA!


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