Live to Dance: Final Performances

Paula informs America that they should choose a winner based on what inspired us. Does anyone else notice the strange, stilted way that she speaks? The other judges speak fluidly, but Paula not so much.

Kendal is the final act put through to the finals.

Twitch is up first for the final performance, dancing to “Paparazzi”. This is their last performance together because some of them are graduating. Travis thought it was awesome quality.

White Tree Fine Art performs to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and once again Paula and Kimberly LOVE it. Down to Travis who finally gives them a gold star.

The Vibe gives us a performance to “Umbrella” which is again cool but there are just so many of them that it is hard to watch on a stage that small. They should split into two groups or something. Travis thought the number was too busy and should have been less ambitious. THey’re the first group to get only two gold stars.

Kendal Glover, the only soloist in the finals (an eleven year old whose body looks like a 20 year olds) is dances to “Dog Days Are Over.” I think she’s extremely talented but at a disadvantage when competing against groups.

Dance Town Chaos goes up this time and while I didn’t love them last time, they definitely stepped it up. They receive a standing ovation from the judges. (They keep getting asked about what they will say to guys watching this show and I want to say, let’s be honest, not many men are watching this.)

D’angelo and Amanda are the final performers of the night. Solid performance but not my favorite of the night.

Now it’s time for America to vote and next week we’ll have our winner.


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