Live to Dance: Ep 5

I’ve decided a few things about this show:
1- stop making it The Paula Show
2- choose what the competition is (best dance group or most love for dance)
3- set an age limit
4- expand the format so we don’t have to vote off 2/3 of the groups after only seeing them performing twice

Twitch was voted to move on by America.

Dance Town Chaos is up first. Stop over-sexing it! Technically they’re solid but I didn’t love the actual performance. Paula loved it, of course, because they prove that dancers have athleticism. Travis thought it was masculine. Kimberly thought it was just beautiful to watch. (Also, is that a fifteen year old mixed into the group.)

Jill and Jacob have some issues with Paula because she wants them to simplify but they didn’t want to. “It was their time on stage!” Someone saying no to Paula? For once I would say they should have agreed. They shouldn’t have done so many tricks and just let it flow. You could see the effort going into each trick. Travis thought there was no connection and he knows they are better. Red star. Kimberly found some risks that went well but some didn’t work out. Jill’s performance was stronger than Jake so she gives them a red star too. Paula admires their tenacity but their niche was their connection (that’s not a niche). They came a long way. So she gives them a gold star. (Of course.)

Roosevelt Anderson is the popper/locker that was pretty good but not amazing. What is that flying thing and why do they think it is dancing? Rule number one, you need more than two moves in your repertoire. Another weak so with an overproduced backdrop that takes the attention away from the dancer. Kimberly loves his passion for dance but there wasn’t enough. Paula, shockingly, disagrees. He’s delightful (which is not the same thing as a good dancer), which earns him a gold star. PAULA STOP TALKING! Travis thinks he followed up his audition well and that he’s magnificent though he had some moments that could have been cleaner. He gets two gold stars.

Tap Sounds Underground is not what I was hoping for. Good, but there was something that made it hard for me to get into. The changing music turning on and off maybe? Paula says something about dead tappers smiling down on them. Travis liked their use of space but they were out of sync at times. Kimberly challenges them to breath new life into tap. Kimberly gives them a red star.

Shore Thing takes into a little girl’s dreams for a fun and chaotic ride. Kimberly thought it was amazing and wants them to add more umph into their dancing. Paula’s (shockingly) proud. That was Paula’s shortest speech yet. Travis liked it, not perfect but very good. Three gold stars.

Kendall Glover, the judges choice shows a skill well beyond her years. When she’s old enough for SYTYCD, she would easily qualify. The performance was a little frenetic but she’s a little person trying to cover an enormous stage. Travis wants her to work on her lines. Travis didn’t think it was her best performance so she got a red star. Kimberly thought she as on fire. Paula wants more people as prepared as her. Two gold stars.

The judges choose…Dance Town Chaos to move on.


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