Hellcats: We might have to have a rumble.

Very little actually happens in the first half of this show. Basically, the team is still angry at Marty—no one is talking to her.

Things get interesting when Alice learns that her father is going to be watching the competition with his newest fiancé. He thinks she’s the top flyer on the team and still with Louis. She endures an awful meal with them, where we see why she’s pretty awful. Her father thinks her cheerleading is a joke and he “handles” her rather than talks to her. She schemes to get her spot back by convincing Savannah to let her take Marty’s spot on the argument that she’s got more expensive. Liking the opportunity to be mean, Savannah agrees but Vanessa is not having it. What? Vanessa giving acting like a coach? She gives a pep talk to Marty who challenges Alice to a cheer-off (which amounts to some truly awkward and terrifying dancing. Alice is still not quite healed though and has a hard time pulling off the lift and Marty wins the spot.

Alice is not done yet though. She goes and blackmails Savannah into giving up her flying spot. If she doesn’t she will show the team Savannah cheering to help her sister’s team get sponsorship money. Savannah pretends to injure her foot to explain the sudden change.

Marty comes to make peace with Savannah, since if she’s injured she can’t run away. Savannah isn’t interested but Marty tells her to be angry, not passive aggressive. So naturally Savannah begins hitting her with a pillow. Marty hits back after a while and once they settle down, Savannah reluctantly agrees to forgive her if she promises not to hurt her again. (Marty explains that she is the only girl friend she’s ever had and she wishes she could take it back.) She promises to try and that she’ll make sure Savannah won’t regret it.

Competition day arrives and Marty insists Savannah take her spot as a flyer. The team competes and they win (as far as I can tell, Savannah had no problem flying). Savannah pulls Marty over to join the celebrating crowd. Louis forgives Marty.

Alice runs up to talk to her dad and finds her soon to be mother in law sitting there alone who explains that her brother’s football game went overtime. She gives Alice some tough-love advice about how her dad will always choose football over cheerleading and life’s unfair.

Her dad shows up with flowers and Alice lays into him. He’s been disappointing her for years, he hurt her. She doesn’t want his flowers. On the upside, Alice likes this newest fiancé. Her father apologizes and wants to talk about it. She tells him to fly into Memphis to talk it over. They just made it to Nationals.

Marty is sitting alone in the back of the bus and Savannah joins her.


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