The Cape: Kozmo

Despite giving a detailed recap of the pilot episode, I’ve decided this isn’t a show I’m going to regularly recap. Instead, I’m going to talk about what I thought about it.

This episode made me love Summer Glau all the more. It’s funny to see her as the “hot chick” because though she is admittedly attractive, there is something odd about her features that makes her more unique than bombshell. But maybe that’s just me. In this episode, Orwell (real name still unknown) was forced to torch her place and seek asylum with Vince when her signal was tracked thanks to a mistake Vince made. Perhaps she should give him some more information. Vince is upset about her lack of forwardness with her past but really he’s just upset that she knows his story and he doesn’t know hers. After all, if she hadn’t discovered his identity, he wouldn’t have told her. But if you’re an observant and conspiracy minded observer, you should have been able to guess about her past. Spoiled daughter of someone important… Anyway, rather than just sit quietly in Vince’s room, once discovered, she decided to take the opportunity to take a look around the circus (and eventually do some ribbon dancing in an outfit that wasn’t as flattering as it might have been). This lets us get to know her a little more, which is always a plus. And it let her be an active part of the Kozmo craziness.

The introduction of Kozmo, which gave the Cape (and Max) some backstory was a strange and interesting idea. They really are working to make the Cape itself seem like an additional character on the show. Which adds to the mythology but also begs the reminder that the Cape has no personality, no will, no mannerisms, so it can never really be a character. Now we know how old the Cape is, but we don’t really know how it was made, but that’s ok. I’m not sold on how easily Kozmo stole the Cape off Vince (not very well attached now, is it?) and how easy it was for him to win it back against someone with theoretically more training. In truth, I kind of wish this episode happened much later and that perhaps it was a process to retrieve the Cape and undo the bad name Kozmo had given the Cape in the process. But maybe that will come about later.

Meanwhile poor Trip and his school fights because people believe his father is Chess. It’s cute but theoretically creepy that Vince, as the Cape, is making little trips to visit him. It’s cute because he’s his father finding any way possible to be a part of his life. Creepy because if he wasn’t his father (which as far as he knows he isn’t), Trip is being visited by a stranger and no one knows about it. This stranger could probably get Trip to go anywhere he wanted or do anything he wanted.

Personally, I quite like the show. I hope people start watching.


One Response to “The Cape: Kozmo”

  1. nathan Says:

    I’m enjoying this show. Feels just like a silver age comic book. The sometimes way over the (big?)top dialogue makes me giggle. Repeatedly. Which is fun. I hope the network gives The Cape a chance to find an audience.

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