Lights Out

Everybody Loves a Comeback.

Lights Out is FX’s new boxing series, following the once-champ Patrick “Lights” Leary as he tries to adjust to a life beyond the ring after quitting at the request of his wife (who makes the request when he is diagnosed with a condition garnered by boxers after too many blows to the head that leads to memory loss and headaches). It isn’t easy when boxing is his passion and he has little to no other skills for employment. What makes it worse is that his family is struggling to make ends meet and he knows that the best way he can help is by returning to the fight. To top it off, Lights’ last fight was one that he could have won but didn’t. He and everyone else seems to think he was robbed but without returning to boxing he can’t prove it.

FX claims that it premiered to low ratings due to tough competition, apparently citing Pretty Little Liars as its major competition. While I find this notion silly, that PLL had anything to do with–they don’t attract the same people–maybe they should try a different night if that is the problem they think they have. Either way, the show is pretty good. It’s received mostly positive reviews by critiques.

Leary is endearing despite his desire to hit people and even despite the fact that he works as a thug to make some money and breaks a man’s arm in the process in front of the man’s family. Maybe it is just the man’s desire to support his family, appease his wife, and deal with having to give up the one thing he loves more than anything else. I’m sure eventually he will get back in the ring, even if only for one match, but for now, this struggle to find his way in the world makes the show an interesting, if surprisingly quiet show.


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