Life Unexpected

The two hour series finale aired last night. Some people seem to still be hoping for another season and keep saying “what may have been the series finale” but we already know it isn’t being renewed, so just accept it and move on. Sadly. In truth, they resolved all the story lines, so if they do decide to renew the show (on some crazy off chance not going to happen sort of way) they would have to sort of start from scratch.

Quick sum up: Cate and Baze found out about Lux and Eric from Sam. Eric had actually come clean to Math because he realized that their relationship was wrong (after seeing how she had been taken advantage of when she was younger). Lux, in her anger for being separated from him, told Baze that Emma had an affair with his father. Real mature Lux. Baze realized that his father isn’t perfect and found the strength to step out of his father’s shadow once and for all, but he couldn’t reconcile their relationship and broke up with Emma. (Finally showing himself to be an adult, he didn’t out his father for the sake of his mother and for the first time he was more mature than Lux.) Cate lost the baby and feared she had lost the only thing connecting her and Ryan. Ryan, however, found a renewed determination to stay with her and fought to have their original radio show reinstated. Cate and Lux manage to connect after an hour or so of fighting when Cate explains that she knows what it feels like to be broken. It helped that Jones tells her he never thought she was broken. Before everyone can celebrate their renewed bonding, Cate realizes that Ryan’s ex, Julia, was in fact pregnant (very pregnant). Skip two years for a scene of Lux giving a graduation speech. I don’t believe she could really be valedictorian because two years of good grades doesn’t completely make up for two years of bad grades. Other students have had consistently good grades for four years. But whatever. She gives a nice speech about family and love and support and it is clear that she is finally a (mostly) well-adjusted kid. Then we learn tha Lux and Jones are back together. Tash is back from juvi and has graduated too. Ryan and Julia have a son and seem to be together. Alice and Math are expecting their first child. Cate and Baze are back together.

For me, the two years later was a little unsatisfying, because it was sort of like, forget everything we just built up in the last two episodes. Throw out what we’d done in the last two seasons. We’ve decided to change everything but you don’t really know how any of it happened. Not that any of the relationships were bad ones, but they were all predictable without any investment (other than Cate and Baze and I suppose Jones and Lux). I don’t know why they felt the need to cut to two years later when we had already ended on a pretty good note with Ryan and Cate finally reconciling, Cate and Lux connecting, Baze standing on his own two feet, and Lux learning to accept herself. Personally, I would have been happier to end on the scene of them having a paint fight in the bar. But maybe that’s just me.

What did you think of the finale? are you sad to see the show go? Do you think (like I do) that this show might have been better suited for and longer lasting on ABC Family?


One Response to “Life Unexpected”

  1. sarah Says:

    OMG…I had SO SO much hope this would really be just a season finale, but clearly they turned into a series one…I mean, I am glad there was closure, but I REALLY wanted to see how they all ended up that way! I know it lost viewers with the whole teacher/student affair.
    -I had heard the finale was going to written in a way that it could serve as a season and a series finale but leaving room for a pick up from CW or another network-clearly, that wasn’t the case. I also think the show would have done better on ABC family OR had they not put it on Tuesday without a marathon of the first half the season proceeding the premier.
    I thought it was going to end with the bar paint fight and I had hope it was really a season finale when Cate told Ryan they needed to talk….
    -Best part of the flashforward was seeing Lux call Cate and Baze mom and dad, that was worth it for me. I am so mad this got cancelled with all the other effing crap on TV(eventhou I watch a lot of that too)!

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