Being Human: There Goes the Neighborhood

Syfy has got a remake of the British show Being Human, following a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who end up as roommates and attempt to have as normal a life as possible. Some people can’t seem to understand why they chose to remake the show instead of just airing the British show. I am not confused. While I do not dislike British humor (I love Doctor Who and that’s full of funny), this show was so British that I think it would have really limited the audience. This remake is much more American-friendly.

On to the story-

  • Josh is a Jewish werewolf who cut ties with his family while trying to figure out how to deal with his condition.
  • Aidan is a vampire who wants to stop drinking human blood but can’t help himself and isn’t helped by the fact that his sire wants to pull him into his blood-drinking cult again.
  • Sally is a ghost who doesn’t know how she died and is stuck in the apartment that she had shared with her fiance.

Surprisingly, it was not the vampire’s story that I cared all that much about. His story is somewhat predictable, while Sally is a mystery (how did she die?) and Josh’s relationship with his family, especially his sister, is endearing. I’m not clear on why they felt they needed to rename the characters–Sally was Annie, Josh was George, and Aidan was Mitchell. As though those names were too British?

Having watched both the American and UK versions, I will be honest and say I prefer the American version. Maybe I just get the humor better, maybe it just a little realer a little more quickly. There’s a great mix of humor and darkness, giving it a unique spot in the vampire and other supernatural show genre. It isn’t as sex heavy as True Blood or myth heavy as Vampire Diaries. I can’t wait to see where they take it. The end of the pilot had me gasping and praying that Josh’s sister Emily manages to make it. (I do like her and the way she interacts with her brother.)


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