Live to Dance: Ep 3

I think the semi-finals highlighted the real problems behind the rules and the format of the show. The competition is supposedly looking for the best dance act in America and is open to all ages.

Before the competition started, the second act from last week’s dance-off to make it into the finals, as voted by America. White Tree Fine Art, the ballet duo were voted in. This was a good decision and I’m excited to see what they bring in their semi-final performance.

This week we had round 1 of semi-finals, 6 of the top 18 performed this week, competing for two spots (once again one decided by the judges and one decided by America) in the finals.

The Vibe, a 38 member dance group performed first and kicked off the show with an easily awarded three gold star performance. My only complaint with the group is really that with so many people, it is difficult to really see everything that is happening.

Jittin’ Genius was second, and was sort of a fast foot dance solo. He got a large applause but personally, I found it a little repetitive. He’s good but he just doesn’t do enough.

Chi-Town’s Finest Breakers was up next and this was exactly where the competition showed it’s flaws. These five kids are completely adorable and for their ages, they did a good job. But the fact is, they simply lack the experience and degree of difficulty to win a competition like this. So instead, they are put in the position where at such a young age, they are very publicly told that they are not good enough. They get two red stars and only one gold star, and you can see that they’re kind of struggling not to cry.

We get another solo kid act, Austin Acevedo who has only been dancing for a year or so but seems to be more than a little bit awesome. He too is told that he doesn’t have enough experience and needs to let go more. He received three red stars, even harsher than the other kids. Couldn’t one of the judges given him a gold star so he doesn’t feel, at nine years old, that he is a complete failure?

Bev and Hap, the old tapping couple comes fifth and here’s where we once again wonder what the judges were thinking when they were sent through to the semis. They simply don’t have the mobility and flexibility of a 20 year old dancer. They get one gold star from Paula for their enthusiasm. Or something.

Amanda and D’Angelo are the final pair, another pair of kids who are quite talented. In fact, they’ve got four years of experience behind them and that certainly shows. They even get three gold stars and the truth is, of the night I do think they were one of the top, though not really good enough to win.

The judges choose The Vibe to move on and America will vote for one more act (D’Angelo and Amanda I’m hoping).

One other complaint I have about this show: it is called LIVE TO DANCE not THE PAULA SHOW. I get it, people like her because of American Idol, but let’s stop making the show all about her. Every sentence she says starts with “you listened to me…” Enough already.


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