The Deep

Yet another British show that I have found and watched (it didn’t take long, it is only five episodes). I’m not clear on if this was supposed to be a mini-series or if this is just the first season, but it was interesting.

The Deep follows a submarine crew that dives deep beneath the surface only a few months after an earlier submarine crew was lost. When their submarine is stranded, they have to find out what happened to the other submarine and take desperate measures to get them back to the surface.

The crew members each have baggage they must deal with in order to survive. Minnie Driver stars as Frances, the ship’s captain, who is in love with Samson, a married man who is also a member of her crew. Clem’s wife was on the first submarine and he has only joined this mission to find out what happened to her and perhaps bring her back to his daughter. One member may not be who he seems, may even be working for someone else in the guise of being part of their crew.

Nothing is as it seems under the sea and what they find in the deep is not what they expected, but can they survive to bring their findings to the surface?

This show was extremely different from most of the British sci-fi that I’ve seen. Where shows like Dr. Who, Torchwood, and the Misfits all have strong comedic elements, there was nothing funny about this show. Which isn’t a bad thing, only different and a little unexpected. The Deep was good, but I didn’t love it the way I did other shows of the same genre. I would definitely keep watching should they air more, just because I want to see where things will go, but it’s the kind of thing I’d watch in my spare time rather than follow as it airs. It was nice to see Minnie Driver again, it’s been a while and she did an excellent job.


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