The British have gotten into the Sherlock Holmes action, bringing it up to the 21st century so it can connect to a modern audience. In this version, we see Sherlock mostly through Watson’s eyes, as he comes back from Afghanistan with a bum leg (psychologically anyway) and no means to support himself. When he mentions to a friend that he’s looking for a place to live, he is introduced to Sherlock who is hard to find a roommate for because of his many eccentricities.

Sherlock is immediately introduced to be a genius with particularly solid observation skills (much like Psych’s Shawn Spencer, the Mentalist’s Patrick Jane, and even Warehouse 13’s Myka Bering) that allow him to solve crimes. They also stay true to Holmes’s character, giving him ups and downs, fits of boredom and depression when not on the job, thrills and excitement when he has a case. Where I found this boring in the most recent movie, in the show I thought this worked very well (especially since the police seem to think Holmes will one day become a murderer).

Added to the great characters is the humor infused into the story that I’ve come to love from Doctor Who. This is probably one of the better cop procedural type shows out there at the moment. I can’t wait to see where it goes and how the bromance of Holmes and Watson develops.


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