The Sarah Jane Adventures

Yet another Dr. Who spin-off, this time following the old, popular companion Sarah Jane Smith as she saves the world from alien invasions from her attic (as introduced in Season 2 of Dr. Who). She has help from K9, the Doctor’s talking mechanical dog, Mr. Smith, a supercomputer/alien, and some neighborhood kids.

This show, geared towards a younger audience, is not the of the caliber of Dr. Who or Torchwood, which isn’t to say it is bad. Dr. Who and Torchwood have a strong comedic element that is missing from Sarah Jane. (She’s simply not as crazy, kookie as the Doctor or Jack, which is fine.) Plus there’s less of a danger element: with kids as your main protagonists, you know that the main characters aren’t going to be killed off any time soon. (Though Dr. Who hasn’t killed off a main character since it’s revival in 2005, it has happened before and therefore can’t be ruled out. Torchwood has killed off many a main character so you never quite know who will be around when.)

That being said, the show has many solid points. It deals with some interesting, morally complex issues (if you knew that the only way for you to live is for someone else to die, should you let them die?) and the ever-fun experience of watching someone learn what it means to be human (well, not as fun as say Cara from Sword of Truth or Seven of Nine from Voyager, since there is the whole evil, redemption thing going, but still good.)

Also exciting about the show is the occasional crossover with Dr. Who, as well as the appearance of some old Dr. Who companions and friends. We get to meet the Brigadier and Jo Grant, as well as the most recent two reincarnations of the Doctor.

For me it was fun watching this more for the information it provided to better understand Dr. Who than for the show itself. By that I mean we saw them a few times (especially with the Dalek invasion) and it gives a bit of a better context for that. Plus, we got a reference to Mr. and Mrs. Pond and the Christmas special, which is always funny.


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